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Honey Bucket
Melvins Lyrics

In times of bella foe fa lies cobalt cast and clean.
I gotta motor fare the wheel real fast and fear.
Tri-jacking blackened for moi, handcuffs and special keys.
Triple lies and neckties divide. This will be his size.
Throw my case of Plasticine down. Maybe after you won't let it.
Ain't about to pick my rounds. This is in my way.
Plop is fast as my hole's down. Green glass and most of all.
Been around the somber town, maybe in the wall.

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Roger Osbourne

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Eight times of BELLA-4-fiVE
Like cobalt cast and clean
I got a motor feel the wheel
Real fast it feel

Tri-Jack it, black it for more
Handcuffs with special keys
Triple locked and been down defiled
It will be his size

Throw my case of plasticine down
Baby I can immolate
Aint about to pick my rounds
This is in my way

I'm as fast as my home town
Green grass and most of all
Been around this foreign town
Village in the wall.

- for everyone who didn't know the lyrics and looked up on Google the wrong ones..GO GET YOUR FUCKING SHINEBOX


Eight times a fell a foe fi
Like overcast and clean
I gotta motor felt the wheel
Real fashion peel.
Try jacking blacken for more
Handcuff for special keys
Tribblize and neck down divide
This'll be his size.

Throw the case a plasticine down
Maybe after you more lay
Ain't about to pick my rounds
Sister's in my way.
I'm as fast as my own stand
Clean glass and most of all
Been around the sore retain
Language in the wall.

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Ashraf Sahdan

If you listen very carefully, at 0:00, you can hear the song starts.


@Mahīśāsaka nice

Andrew Wabik

This is a good natured joke. Makes me smile.

josh smith

What a liar.


Wrong it starts at 69:420

josh smith

What a liar. No it doesnt.

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Sean Fuller

Perfect song to destroy a kids sandcastle to

George Strait

😂😂😂 You Killjoy you😉

Ερμης Λυρας


Benji Banks

Heavier than your wife

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