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Nothin' Yet
The Blues Magoos Lyrics

One day you're up and the next day you're down
You can't face the world with your head to the ground
The grass is always greener on the other side, they say
So don't worry, boys, life will be sweet some day
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
We made enough mistakes
But you know we got what it takes

Oh, we ain't got nothin' yet
No, we ain't got nothin' yet

Nothin' can hold us and nothin' can keep us down
And someday our names will be spread all over town
We can get in while the getting is good
So make it on your own, yeah, you know that you could
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
We got to make the break
'Cause we got too much at stake

Oh, we ain't got nothin' yet
No, we ain't got nothin' yet

We made enough mistakes
But you know we got what it takes

Oh, we ain't got nothin' yet
No, we ain't got nothin' yet

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Royalty Network
Written by: Michael Esposito, Peppy Castro, Ralph Scala, Ronald Gilbert, EMIL THIELHELM

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Plumcrazy Preston

1967 was a pivotal year in history. Rock and roll turned truly wild. Male hair turned truly long.

Hippies had arrived.
Drugs had arrived.
The sexual revolution had arrived.
Headbanging music had arrived.

1966 was the last year that some rock and roll had a hint of '50's-ish sound still left.
Something about the vocal harmony in this song here that sounds doo-whoppish.

All comments from YouTube:

leslie holocaust

It's much harder to write a song like this than it is to play it. That's what's so beautiful.

John Wise

Saw these guys live at Big Bam Summer Spectacular in 1967! They were so cool, had on battery charged electric leather suits, high tech for 1967!! Just blew my mind!!.......We got to watch the concert from backstage, walked right passed security before the show, they assumed by our looks, 5 cool dudes, that we were just one of the bands, LOL! Had the best seats in the Coliseum!! Oh, to be that young again!!!

The Rocker Foo

Battery charged electric leather suits?? What the? I'll wear that

Bob Hopkins

Oh, wished i was there!!

David Filipini

One of the best tunes ever PERIOD!

W. Rusty Lane

Love this song! Remember this song when I was a teenager back in the sixties. I'm now 69 and loved it back then just as today. The seventies saw me in Vietnam.
Since I´m a Vietnam vet with major PTSD, I Had Too Much to Dream Last
Night, and that´s the friggin´ truth. Next I´ll just Drop in to See
What Condition my Condition was In. And I had a Psychotic Reaction
because I was Pushin´ Too Hard. Sometimes I have dreams of Matchstick
Men and I kill ´em all with my M-16 when I take a Journey To The Center
Of My Mind. I awaken with a Whiter Shade of Pale. Just wish I had some
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

David Williams

The music like you mentioned brings back some great memories and some not so good.✌

Dolores M

Matchstick Men. My sister dated the drummer from that band. I met him and my mother was chasing him around with scissors to cut his hair. My sister was mortified. They never went out again. I think his name was Ray Caba. The Status Quo. Wild


Thank you for your service. All those songs where awesome psychedelic music. I was right in the middle of that music explosion. Played in garage bands in high school and did them all.

Armando Astegiano


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