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Riders in the Sky
Vaughn Monroe Lyrics

An old cowpoke went riding out one dark and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once a mighty herd of red-eyed cows he saw
A-ploghin' through the ragged skies, and up a cloudy draw

(Yippee-i-ay yippee-i-o)
A ghost herd in the sky

Their brands were still on fire and their hooves were made of steel
Their horns were black and shiny and their hot breath he could feel
A bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through the sky
For he saw the riders comin' hard, and he heard their mournful cry

(Yippee-i-ay yippee-i-o)
Ghost riders in the sky

Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, and shirts all soaked with sweat
They're ridin' hard to catch that herd, but they ain't caught 'em yet
'Cause they got to ride forever on that range up in the sky
On horses snortin' fire, as they ride on hear their cry

Yippee-i-o yippee-i-o
(Ghost riders in the sky)

As the riders loped on by him, he heard one call his name
If you want to save your soul from hell a-ridin' on our range
Then cowboy, change your ways today, or with us you will ride
A-tryin' to catch the devil's herd across these endless skies

(Yippee-i-ay) yippee-i-ay (yippee-i-o) yippee-i-o
Ghost riders in the sky

(Yippee-i-ay yippee-i-o)

Written by: Stanley Jones

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Comments from YouTube:

Armadillo Bob

If Gregory Peck could have sung, he would've sounded like Vaughn Monroe.

Sam Wiebaux



Of all the versions of this song, Vaughn Monroe gives me goose bumps.


same here

Linda Varnell

You and me both!

Doug H. in VA

I wore out the 33rpm album as a kid hearing this ...

Bob P

yes he does. ))

Paul Planer

Me, too!!!

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My favorite version! The background vocals sound so haunting! It reminds of the past, decades ago....even before my time, with a ghostly presence involved. It really makes a deep impression on you.  Just amazing!! My Mom and Dad loved this song, and it always reminds me of them. God bless you Mom and Dad!


You can really visualize the imagery.

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