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Yes I Am
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Sonder Music Club

That 3:48 moment pauses time of the whole universe for a second

Otter Bot

Perfect when it happens to match up to what you're doing

clinton hughes

If your just now learning of post rock you've barely scratched the surface of an entire ocean of amazing post rock bands. I recommend the following...The American Dollar, This Will Destroy You, Maybeshewill, Exxasens, God Is An Astronaut, Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Mono, The Sleep Design, Lights Out Asia, New Century Classics, I Am The Architect, Mooncake, Caspian, The Living Sleep, Industries Of The Blind, Years Of Rice And Salt, Frames...continued>

Sergy Volodimirov

Not full,but rich associated rows ...agree:)))

Raghav Agrawal

Dude you forgot the best of all - Yndi Halda :D

Bernardo Carvalho

clinton hughes thank you so much my brother!


The first time I've heard this and I thought "Wow."

Jorge Soto

Years later and i still come back just to hear this beautiful jam!!! I was 21 when i 1st heard it back in 2009

Bektor Z

@ 1:26 I was like - "fffaaaaaacccckkkk this cheese. puts sunglasses and chill "

Cecil Cao

+Tiel Noembreux haha, your figure, yao ming face in whose photo?

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