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This Will Destroy You Lyrics

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Anabel Ham

i just wanna go back
to a better place
but i cant even remember a better place
i shouldnt be allowed to be this way
i have everything i need
but im still not content
im who im supposed to be
but its not enough
will it ever be enough

manuel siaotong


This gives me such nostalgia!! I used to listen to this song while in college whn we had drafting classes id put this on and draft away! Takes my mind off of anything else but what is infront of me!!

It saddens me how little subscribers are here after all these years! People need to hear this! This is the best type of music put there honestly!!!!

Im so happy I found this Again!!

Thank you for making music!!

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kayla byrom

this is the reason why I pay my internet bill

Fred V

@Heart Poet 76 Only to some extent. It's not reality though

Heart Poet 76

@Fred V its healthy if you're trying to reach the lost on the gaming world.

Strawberry Bakuhoe

@Fred V true.....

Fred V

@Strawberry Bakuhoe I am not. I am materially poor at the moment. Me and you likely have similar personalities. It's all what you do with it. Let out your inner witch. That's not an insult by the way. I just think society has destroyed women. And that's why I say let out that inner witch that is confident. Lol. Anyway...

Strawberry Bakuhoe

@Fred V ik.... I am you don't wanna know....

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Silent Mortis

As soon as the drums started.. the tears I’ve been choking back finally came out.. I’m so exhausted.. I can’t keep up anymore. Edit: I’m Okay. I’m doing better. But some days I’m really low and I go back to my old habits, I’m young.. but I had to grow up fast. So forgive me for commenting about a weak moment that I had under a video .. thinking that it will get lost. And thank you, to those who took time in their day to give me advice, to reassure me that I’m okay, that I’ll be fine. You guys really calmed me down. And I appreciate, and come to read your comments often. I hope everyone is doing alright.

Uncle Hawks

Im happy youre fine now. But remember, people all around the world share the same feelings and they understand, theyre with you, even if you dont know them.

Daryl Riveta

you're like me much.
sometimes or everynight..
i feel like..scared. like i cant escape this fear that i dont know. clearly nobody understands what i feel.
But i NEED somebody to understand and feel what i feel!
but i guest i will try to move on.
i hope ur ok very much.
and god will guide u as always.
dont forget it.

Regina Vazquez

Jesus loves you he made you for a reason please hang on

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