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Forever convicted
by Brainwash

Forever convicted!

Your whole life you thought you were alone -
with problems getting over your head -
you've never seen the way out -
nobody had a sympathetic ear -
left alone with yourself -
all your work,
which was done without effects,

It's time to let them feel your rage -
don't hide it and struggle for your rights -
it's time to let them feel your rage -
forever convicted by society -
it's time to let them feel your rage -
but it's our fight that separates us from the others -
it's time to let them feel your rage -
the struggle, not to be a stranger in one's own land.

Afflicted you with doubts,
but you never did surrender,
they couldn't break your will,
'cause your spirit lives in your head -
live the spirit and you'll be free -
you'll find the end of your pain in our ranks,

You're not alone with your fight -
capitulation didn't even enter the equation.
Join our ranks and be a guide for others -
struggle against the wrong crowd -
and sacrifice your life for our fight.
Your soul will be free -
forever -
forever free.

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