Forever convicted
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Forever convicted!

Your whole life you thought you were alone -
with problems getting over your head -
you've never seen the way out -
nobody had a sympathetic ear -
left alone with yourself -
all your work,
which was done without effects,
It's time to let them feel your rage -
don't hide it and struggle for your rights -
it's time to let them feel your rage -
forever convicted by society -
it's time to let them feel your rage -
but it's our fight that separates us from the others -
it's time to let them feel your rage -
the struggle, not to be a stranger in one's own land.

Afflicted you with doubts,
but you never did surrender,
they couldn't break your will,
'cause your spirit lives in your head -
live the spirit and you'll be free -
you'll find the end of your pain in our ranks,

You're not alone with your fight -
capitulation didn't even enter the equation.
Join our ranks and be a guide for others -
struggle against the wrong crowd -
and sacrifice your life for our fight.
Your soul will be free -
forever -
forever free.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Article: Superior Court Judge blaming CHP sergeant for not following up on a complain about Peyer harassing another young woman prior to the Knott murder.

Peyer still claims he is innocent, but refuses to give a DNA sample to compare against the blood found on Cara Knott's boot. Accourding to news articles, both Peyer and the blood on the boot are AB negative (very rare).
The DNA would exonerate or confirm his guilt. It could also link him to other crimes and/or to other CHP personale involved in other crimes.

Additional article:

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Dennis Goff

NEVER get tired of the opportunity to say "'High to 'Mokie" - one badass feline with ATTITUDE.


If I am not mistaken, the Feds used the criminal civil rights statutes in the 1960s during the Mississippi Burning case to go after the Sheriff of Neshoba County, MS and his deputy named Cecil Price regarding the murders of the three civil rights workers (Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney) by members of the KKK


Years ago a woman was putting gas into her Corvette when a CHP drove up and leered at her. A few minutes later he tried to pull her over. She out drove him and then went to the Sheriff's substation to turn herself in. The Trooper came to take custody but she was not given to him.

Eli McCormick

CHP sounds a lot like our RCMP up here in Canada sadly

Blue Dragon

The Stanford Experiment of 71 showed what happens when you tell someone they're special and have authority.

Paul Dalgarn

A CHP'er had me and my passenger proned out back in the late 80's on I5 just south of LA. My crime, doing 67 in a 55 on my motorcycle, while my passenger was asleep. He tried to say I had a flagrant disregard for my passengers safety.

steven foster

I damm near smoked a chp in 92'. He came out of the median in his little mustang as I was going down grade and around a curve going into Vegas. Shit his pants and hit the shoulder at the same time .

Kameron K

Thanks for giving me more reasons to dislike highway patrol. Good video Rick.


Actually, the Sheriff and at least one of his deputies in Neshoba County, Mississippi were charged under the federal criminal civil rights statutes in the Mississippi Burning murders case that went all the way up to the US Supreme Court in United States v. Price, 383 U.S. 787 (1966), in which the Court reversed and remanded the US District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi so that the trials could move forward.


Law enforcement, TV show/radio hosts, and journalists are some of the most desirable careers sought by psychopaths. Edmund Kemper, the coed serial killer, wanted to join CHP. He was rejected for being too tall. Imagine if he was an acceptable height. Not to mention other cases of police officers being exposed as murderers.

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