You make me sick
Brainwash Lyrics

There are people that are so predictable -
it feels bitter because it bores me to death,
there are situations which were the same -
a thousand times before -
a thousand times the same results.

If the message is clear for me,
it looks to be consequent -
why is it so hard to foresee the results for them?
The walls are coming closer -
I hear my screams -
I'm beating and beating everything around me -
until my blood runs,
the whole foreshadows -
will drive me insane -

It's so despicable,
how this creeping mass looks -
and it's just ridiculous -
I always expect that you are one of them -
creeping on the ground, whimper for humility -
why are you always so knuckled down?
So knuckled down -
I'd like to kick you in your face,
for this boredom -
for you're always the same looking humility?

The walls are coming closer again -
I feel like my throat laces up -
I feel how the air is getting less -
until I suffocate,
the whole foreshadows will drive me insane -

I'm sick and tired -
while I'm going around in circles -
it feeds the longing to run away -
I can't stand these hollow phrases anymore -
you ain't like me -
you ain't like us -
sick mass with sick minds -
at the abyss of society -
I'm the one who gives you the last stab,
I'd like to spit in these dumb faces -
I'd like to abuse you,
but it's all in vain -

The walls are coming closer for a last time -
my legs are getting weak -
it feels like I'm sweeping from the ground -
until I fall,
the whole foreshadows will drive me insane.

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