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2 Arabesques L. 66: No. 1 in E Major
Claude Debussy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Claude Debussy:

My Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…
Reverie Our love is a dream, but in my reverie I can…

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Thiago D. Trindade

Agora um comentário em português😜; vou partilhar minha "miragem"/"viagem" toda vez que oiço e toco esta obra prima de Debussy:

É no piano, mas se prestar bem a atenção nota-se que é música árabe mesmo, acho que a palavra "arabesco" que a denomina porque era uma gíria que ele usava para denominar uma peça que o agradava ou considerava uma obra prima de arte(tipo ele costumava dizer "tem ah, peça tal é um verdadeiro arabesco da Música tal", porque arabescos são aqueles trabalhos minuciosos de artistas árabes para as paredes de palácios, mesquitas e cômodos de luxo em mansões - porque o Oriente também tava na moda naquela altura), vai além da inspiração do compositor no que ele viu naquela feira de artigos orientais, onde ele inclusive se inspirou também para a criação de "Pagodes" e "Sarau/Soirée em Granada".

Mas pronto sem mais delongas(😜😅) meu comentário do que sinto sempre que oiço a todas as versões deste primeiro arabesco(também o que imagino enquanto o executo em casa):

O início é como se fosse o sol a nascer no deserto e a visualização pra paisagem(0:13) passos lentos na areia, até o horizonte(na parte 1:19)

A parte lenta(A partir de 1:30) é como se fosse uma marcha duma caravana árabe vagando no deserto com os camelos, barracas armadas e trouxas ao longo do dia, e/ou ainda como se parassem para comer e tocar um bocadinho para fazerem uma pausa, inclusive tocando a melodia dessa parte em instrumentos árabes, de maneira improvisada porém inspirada no feeling do monento.

Aí o final na parte da recapitulação da sequencia de tercinas é como se fosse a visualização à paisagem desértica enquanto começa o entardecer(2:38) no deserto, eles Armando as os pertences nas trouxas, baús e malas (03:00), continuando a viagem(3:13) e por último, termina como se o sol se pusesse(3:57) no horizonte do deserto até anoitecer(04:05 - 04:15)

Espero que mesmo quem não imagina e sente o mesmo que eu curta essa experiência....


Thiago D. Trindade

Now a comment that might sound weird but😜; I will share my "mirage"/"trip" from every time I hear and play this Debussy masterpiece:

I know It is played on the piano(though there's a lot of other versions in other kind of instrumentatio), but if you pay close attention, you can see that it is really Arabic music allusion, I think the word "arabesque" is not only what he used call it as a jargon to name a piece that pleased him or he also used consider it as a masterpiece of art(you know, he used to say "Uhhh, there's such a piece that is a true arabesque of music", because arabesques are those meticulous works of Arab artists for the walls of palaces, mosques and luxury rooms in mansions - as the Orient was also in fashion at that time too), goes beyond the inspiration of the composer in what he saw at that fair of oriental articles, where he was also inspired by the creation of "Pagodes" and "Soirée in Granada".

But ready without further ado hehe (😜😅), my comment is about what I feel whenever I listen to all versions of this first arabesque (also what I imagine while I am executing it at home):

The beginning is like the sun rising in the desert and the view to the landscape (0:13) slow steps in the sand, until the horizon (in part 1:19)

The slow part (From 1:30) is like a march by an Arab caravan wandering in the desert(in a just found oasis on the middle of desert) with their camels, armed tents and bundles throughout the day, and / or as if they stop to eat and play a little bit of qanun, lyra or rebab and to take a break, even playing the melody of that part in an improvised but inspired way as they take a rest, stopped on desert under some trees in an oasis.

Then the end before the recap of the triplet sequence is like viewing the desert landscape as the dusk begins (2:38) in the desert, at this part, 02:38 it's them, arming their belongings in the bundles, chests and suitcases (03:00), 03:13 is them continuing their trip and finally, it ends as if the sun went down (3:57) on the desert's horizon until dusk (04:05 - 04:15)

Hope you can also enjoy this perception of that


Shin-i-chi Kozima

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All comments from YouTube:


I've loved this piece since childhood, & have been listening to many renditions of this piece as I've been learning it. This feels & sounds closest to how my mind/hands WANT to play it.
I love your dynamics, your tempo changes.
I don't want to copy your performance, that's impossible & pointless; but consider me inspired & also validated, because I hear things I'm trying to do (it's a process...) that I hadn't in other's versions, & love the results.
Many thanks for sharing this lovely performance!

Speakher w/ Jaylin Travis

Same! I heard it during nap time in kindergarten lol and it has stuck with me since .

Cesar Diaz

O MY GOD! Your comment is so spot on to my thought process / feelings. Since childhood I’ve listened to this. Just now listening again after so many years. The original version just didn’t speak to me. Then i found this video. It has me in all the right feelings. For some reason this is what I hear when I think about the song!!!

Anisha Serene

I'm a self taught eastern classical musician, I'm just so amazed that I still have so much to learn... I just found this piece on my keyboard's song bank today... It feels like raindrops are pouring over my skin on a beautiful day with a warm gentle breeze... I sat next to my keyboard for 3 hours as i completely lost myself in this melody... smiling, dreaming, weeping, hoping... it made me feel so ecstatic...

I had a whole rant about the unfortunate state of the present music industry and how music like this will never ever be re-created ever again... But i feel so overwhelmed by the sheer pleasures and the emotions i just experienced... so i'm gonna shut up and continue listening.

You sir did a Fantastic Job! I wasn't even on this planet when i was listening... It was like an Out of Body Experience! I dont understand why Westerners come to my country seeking Spiritual guidance from Holy Men and Gurus... cuz all one has to do is listen to this Masterpiece right from the convenience of their home... Its an experience comparable to Meditating with the Monks on a himalayan mountain top... Kudos!

cristina scandurra

You realize you've written something out of this world when people cry at EVERY listening of your piece. And I do... Well done, mr. Debussy


Now THIS is the definitive ellegance that such a masterpiece deserves. Gorgeous rendition!

Bobby Kongo

Finally someone playing this who isn’t just rushing through it! I’ve been through like 7 other videos cuz they all just rush through the song.

norinori 8

I was deeply drawn to this perfectly harmonious performance. Just want to say thank you from Tokyo.

Drew Campbell

The lack of sustain pedal in this performance is really refreshing and demonstrates a real mastery of the piece

Sylvianne Crucifix

J ai eu il y a quelques minutes cette belle musique classique dans la tête brièvement.

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