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Random Electronic 2.0

This is one of their best songs and it's funny because it's so different than all their other shit.

Paul Smith

If Tiësto or anyone released this track it would be classed as one of the best trance records of all time.

DefinitelyNot CrazyRei

Not Trance either, but again demonstrates how overrated Tiesto is.

DefinitelyNot CrazyRei

Tiesto is overrated garbage.

This song isn't Trance, but blows Tiesto out of the stratosphere.


Yes, lot of trance influence in this


i need a 3hr loop of this

Megan Gietzen

Why stop at 3? Or 10? Make it 12!


I need a loop i can extend...I can hit the notes with my voice but where did this come from

Mimi Pro

olemann77 i need 10hr loop of this

Alex Gonzy

Wow I was going crazy thinking "where do I know this tune from!?" listening to their new track "NO 1" and realized they put lyrics over this masterpiece. Very big brain of them

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