Life Lost
Elitist Lyrics

(feat. Garrison Lee â€" Erra)

The age of man is at it's end time
Progress for progress sake won't keep us all alive
Soon we shall the the errors of our ways
Everything that ends begins the same
In a world that's bound to break

(Garrison Lee:)
Look deep into yourself and realize that your soul is withering
In this hell in this distraction that keeps us from prospering
Find the light that is hidden away within
In due time break the foundations and build them up again

Look through the portal
Histories secrets are in reach
Reclaim the memories of our fathers
Seek perfection from lives once lost
Illuminate the path that lies before us

Look inside
We've been asleep for too long
It's time to wakeup now
We've been asleep for too long
It's time to wakeup now

In a world covered by darkness
I look out as far as my eyes can see
Searching for what we are destined to become
Darkness will covet the light (2x)

We've been asleep for too long
It's time to wakeup now
We've been asleep for too
Long it's time to wakeup now (2x)

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Comments from YouTube:

Giovanni's Lasagna

It's weird how people are just now getting into Elitist lol. I've been an Elitist fan since the very beginning of their demos on the Caves EP. No matter what I was watching or listening to on Youtube, there was always an Elitist video as a suggestion lol. Love these guys :D


Lyrically, this album is stands alone compared to everything else released in 2012. Damn, Elitist is so f'ing good. 2:56 makes my hairs stand on end.


Goddamn, when Garrison comes in, that's when shit gets real. When he was like "LOOOOOOOK DEEEEEP INTO YOURSELF" my eyes opened up real wide and I was like "holy shit. time to crank this up louder."


garrison lee's vocals are so epic!

Austin Wright

It's so easy to tell where Garrison's vocals are by how fast he screams. I love Erra so much, I actually opened a show they played in quite a few years ago, before they were even signed and not many people even knew who they were. If it weren't for Elitist, I would have never found out how big they've actually become.


Garrison fuckin' Lee! Erra is such an awesome band. I just found Elitist and I'm already loving it!


I think it was really badass how they got garrison lee from erra to do vocals on this track


so true! awesome bands which I'd love to see live one day...


Elitist and Erra, imo the best metalcore bands nowdays

Andromeda is Coming

wait....Garrison Lee from ERRA is on this track?! I love ERRA and i also love this album, HOW did i not fucking notice??? mindblown

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