Jealous Guy
Elliott Smith Lyrics

i was dreaming of the past
and my heart was beating fast
i began to lose control
i began to lose control

i didn't mean to hurt you
i'm sorry that i made you cry
i didn't want to hurt you
i'm just a jealous guy
i was feeling insecure
you might not love me any more
i was shivering inside
i was shivering inside

i was trying to catch your eyes
thought that you were trying to hide
i was swallowing my pain
i was swallowing my pain

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Comments from YouTube:


I'd love to watch a documentary on why anyone would dislike this video

Dan the Gypsy

Because sound is so bad on every Elliott Smith video.

Ryan Suzette

@Brian Hansen Nothing this world that’s extremely beautiful (like this) isn’t at least somewhat painful in some way.
I’ve always made “sad/beautiful” music playlists…even here on YT I have one by that title.

monklington everjet


Laurie Chase Kruczek

Because Elliott is so high it's sad.


** on todays episode of "when did we go wrong???!!"...

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Andrei Silvester

beautiful cover, unlike most on the youtube where singers really overdo the vocals. this song has to stay simple.

Jim Troeltsch

Absolutely. Word. He does such a wonderful job of it.


You nailed that comment @NightEldar, many songs like this you want to remain quiet and low key, if it isn't broke, don't 'fix' it. The song stands on its own, just play and sing it as it was written as an homage to John Lennon, the starkness is part of the beauty, that is what such a beautiful piece deserves.


When Elliott Smith sings I will always be shivering inside

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