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String Quartet in D H.III Op.76 No.5: 1. Allegretto
Franz Joseph Haydn Lyrics

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Sub. Sa.

Learning the basics of harmony is finally making me see the incredible beauty of pieces like these. Just incredible!

Real Bass Transcriptions


Maddie Elliott

movement two: 4:25
movement three: 10:48
movement four: 13:25


Je connaissais la version du quatuor mosaïques. Merci pour cette autre version magistrale

ricardo moyano

excellent version, thank you very much

Lee Music


Paul Bunyan

I thought I went blind at the end, especially after my vision got blurry after the 3rd mvmt. Almost called 911.

Mehdi Javanfar

"J.K. Randall, "Haydn's String Quartet in D Major, Op. 76, No. 5," Music Review, No. 21 (1960): All the progressions of tonicization in the quartet are shown to be derivable from that of the opening passage by the operations of transposition, retrogression, and what is called 'rotation' (the tonics of the progression are arranged in a circle, and one has the option of starting the process from any point on the circle.) Examples: the original progression D-b-G-e-D; its retrograde form is D-e-G-b-D; the upward transposition by minor third of the retrograde, beginning with the fourth element, d-F-g-Bflat-d." Music and the Historical Imagination, Leo Treitler, Harvard University Press, 1989, P. 76, P. 315.

Howard Chasnoff

I played this piece numerous times I always took it to be a theme and variations. Now I'm not sure. Traditionally there should be a consistency of harmonies, number of measures. It is too free and lacks the strict form as in 76 no 6 1st mvt.. It is more like a fantasy with lots of thematic development.

Howard Chasnoff

Its an interesting comment. I don't fully understand but when I get the score and the reference
I'll look it over thanks

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