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Divine Decree
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Underrated dramatic song. Loved it when I first heard it years ago.

Taha Mohammad

@freaquin I mean the game is almost 9 years old if you live in japan

Linhardt Best Boi

I actually have this song as the song that plays when I do a side battle. Too bad I can't hear the song on my 2DS anymore, since my 2DS stopped working...


freaquin 6, 9. Was typing with upside down keypad 🤪


9 years ago? this comment is proof time travel exists

Paul Reeve

An cool alternate name for this theme could be "Tyrant's Fall" because it always plays on chapter when you re about to storm into a Tyrant Stronghold (Gangrele, Walhart and Daddy Sorcerer)

Clever Comment

I think they can both work.
By Divine Decree, the Exalt has declared you a tyrant and a public enemy. The armies of Ylisse march upon your doorstep to pass judgement.

cc_09 c

Big moment in the plot - the song


it also plays in chapter 9 though, when Emmeryn's execution is about to happen

Romessa Ghaffar

Fire Emblem is so underrated.. And for no good reason!
I love the franchise with all my heart, and this game made me delve into the series so much more that now I main every single FE character in Smash Bros, and played FE8 and FEFates!

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