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In the Jailhouse Now #2
Jimmie Rodgers Rainbow Ranch Boys Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'In the Jailhouse Now #2' by these artists:

Jimmie Rodgers I had a friend named Ramblin' Bob Who used to steal,…

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Comments from YouTube:

ruff hardin

Far better music than what's promoted as country music today!

Roy Bodden

ruff hardin I'll say a big AMEN to that!

Ben Eby

Pure country, perfectly beautiful music... there are no comparables!

Pagan Morph

I never heard this till now 30 July 2019. UK Liverpool. I followed Jimmie since I was a kid and I still have my one and only 78 rpm disc of Hobo Bills Last ride.. I collected all of Jimmies music over the years. From there I later discovered Hank Snow and his many versions of JR songs. I became a big fan of Hanks also. Great to hear these recordings. What a fantastic idea to blend the great Rainbow Ranch Boys onto Jimmies singing.

Patricia Slocum

Loving me some Jimmie Rodgers! Man could he yodel and sing. Yes!!

Jerry Pullen

Thank god for Rogers starting all of this great music

Roy Bodden

Hank Snow's Band "The Rainbow Ranch Boys" did a nice job overdubbing these two Jimmie Rodgers classics. They weren't intrusive at all. Jimmie would have loved it!

Frank Palumbo

Joe Talbots steel guitar makes the difference.

Frank Palumbo

A terrific overdub!


Thank you very much for sharing this. My dad recorded it on his reel-to-reel tape recorder when it was released in 1955. I heard it several times growing up.

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