Lil Jimmy Skit
Kanye West Lyrics

Hey Jimmy where you going?

I don't know where I'm going.
My Dad died, and he left me his degrees.
My mom would always say "Dad, why don't you work?",
But he just kept learning.
All the other kids parents were working and saving up money for school,
And I was actually in school all when my dad was in school.
He was so greedy with degrees, he took my degree.
And now I'm just glad he left me these.
Because all the regular homeless people have newspaper, and look what I have.
These are documented.
My father left them for me.
And I'm going to leave them to my kids.
I'm going to learn too.
I'm going to get super smart, so I to can die without money.
But I'll be the smartest dead guy.
Who has that

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Written by: KANYE WEST

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Comments from YouTube:

Eric Hardric

He was so greedy for degrees, he even- he took my degrees!


I remember why i like kanye now


This man knows his purpose on this planet......

You know the thing, come on man!

This always cracked me up especially 0:34

Ava B

Lyfeanmusiq best part

Martin Lee

Mom said get a job and he just kept learning lmaooo


Funniest shyt ever!

Betselot Tesfa

This actually hurts a lot, I can’t believer this the first time I’m hearing this song, and I disagree completely. My Dad died without money, and he didn’t leave me any money but his degrees and desire to learn is what brought my family to American out of all his siblings and my moms siblings. And I am extremely proud of him for that. He wasn’t always a great father but he has made me extremely proud for what he has done in shaping my life in the fact that he brought my himself and my Mom to America before I was born. Not that anything is wrong with Africa, my family is there and it’s beautiful but my feminist beliefs align more with what this country has to offer

charles terrell

Lmao I think it’s just a joke😭😭

Critique Everything

KiSSMYACiD “Parental issues.” I don’t have parental issues? You don’t even know anything about me lol, but if you say so. I was simply going off of what this person said, and how they sounded. Your entire comment was kinda fucking useless because it didn’t even address my main point. I’m sorry you can’t accept the fact that your country isn’t as good as you wish it to be?

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