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Fer Rivera

I had to fortunate opportunity to meet him in person, shake his hand and thank him for his beautiful music. His response was graceful, humble and authentic. Total highlight of my year.

Bob Holness

Went to see him live in the Liverpool Phil, absolutely amazing 👍🏻

Theo Chry

I dedicate it to a friend who's struggling

Harshraj Rathore

Aren't we all? I am that friend too and thanks.

Wanessa Lacerda

I dedicate it to my father 💖

Jamila Chueire

Magnifico, beautiful song, invade nossa alma...

Agnieszka C.

One of my favourite songs from one of the best albums in the universe! ❤️


Always feels like it ends abruptly.

Tim Hemel

The cut in the end is intentional, after this song there comes a song called Orbits, which transitions from this song perfectly. Give it a listen and you'll understand ^^


When this first came out on Netflix with Ludovico on the original soundtrack i would be up at 230 3 am on my nights off just memorized and tripping on this series

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