Dont Save Us From the Flames
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Out of the flames
A piece of brain in my hair
The wheels are melting
A ghost is screaming your name

Bleeding all around
Liquid metal through my veins
The radio's burning
A ghost is screaming your name

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of M83's song Don't Save Us From the Flames describe a tumultuous situation, as the singer is describing being surrounded by flames and feeling the agony of liquid metal running through their veins. The reference to a "piece of brain in my hair" could symbolize the chaotic and traumatic nature of the experience, as if the intense heat has caused their very thoughts to scatter. Meanwhile, the "ghost screaming your name" could represent a haunting memory or lost loved one that the singer is unable to escape, even as they face this intense physical danger.

The overall theme of the song seems to be one of destruction and upheaval, whether that be on a personal or more abstract level. The melting wheels and burning radio could also represent the collapse of technology and order in the face of natural disasters, war, or other crises. The repeated references to the ghostly scream could represent the ongoing, traumatic impact that such events can have on an individual, even long after they have escaped the immediate danger.

Line by Line Meaning

Out of the flames
Emerging from a dangerous and destructive situation

A piece of brain in my hair
Physically impacted by the intense nature of the situation, experiencing trauma

The wheels are melting
The situation is causing damage to the very foundations of one's being

A ghost is screaming your name
The memory or impact of a person or situation is haunting and ever-present

Bleeding all around
The situation is causing harm and injury, both physically and emotionally

Liquid metal through my veins
The intensity of the situation is coursing through one's body, overwhelming and all-consuming

The radio's burning
Even something as seemingly innocuous as a radio is impacted by the destructive nature of the situation

A ghost is screaming your name
The memory or impact of a person or situation is haunting and ever-present, continuing to cause harm

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Written by: Anthony Gonzalez, Yann Gonzalez

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MARTIN Etienne

Today, it's my favorite M83 song. Yesterday il was Wait. Tomorrow it will be Moonchild. And so on. And so goes my happy life!😄 Hope you enjoy yours with a little help of our best friend M83.


M83 is so unique, cant find anyone like them


Bag Raiders similar imo

Bennatt Almeida

for sure dude!!!!


Lorn is also good

Dennis Dreher


Ian Smith

You would like Boards of Canada. Hope you see this. Hope you haven’t heard of them. Wish I could listen to Boards for the first time again.

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All these years later and this is still my go to M83 song. Always loved the video as well.

Fun Times

Yeah this video has something special about it for sure


This song reminds me of 2008. Playing this song and looking out my dorm room window at the city and all the lights.

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