Midnight Souls Still Remain
M83 Lyrics

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Jason McPherson

My 6 month old daughter has trouble going to sleep, and let me tell you- this song is my secret weapon! I kid you not, it is 6am right now (she woke up crying), I began playing the song and she was back asleep in 30 seconds. I've used this song countless times before to calm her and help her doze off. The song is beautifully peaceful and rhythmic!


Try this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWsTPNMYiuU

Alex Nelson

Make sure you show her the song again someday when she's older. It will probably be incredible for her to listen to it since her brain was developing so much when she heard it the first few times. I know songs I heard as a kid that my mom shared with me when I was older really resonate with me now, even though they're pretty simple/ average songs.

Red Rainn

Try Rhubarb by Aphex Twin (and one of the slowed down mixes, might be good too). A great piece of music in its own right.


Jason McPherson agreed

Nickolai Hockin

This is what's great about Anthony Gonzalez. His goal is not to give the listener a song to share with their friends XD it's just to take the listener SOMEWHERE ELSE. And it's great.

Kipp Dogg

Its just a rip of song for shelter by fat boy slim

Keila Monette

Nickolai Hockin 👏🏻

Spider Jerusalem

I always listen to this if I have a panic attack or high anxiety. It's very calming

twenty six

Still helps to this day

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