Running Into Flowers
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Give me peace and chemicals, I want to run into

Overall Meaning

flowers with you
Give me peace and chemicals, I want to swim into
the sound with you
Give me hope and chemicals, I want to dive into
the ocean with you
Give me everything and nothing, I want to run away
with you

The lyrics of M83's song Run Into Flowers appears to be a desperate plea for escape, possibly from reality or negative emotions. The singer is searching for a sense of peace and hope, and believes that chemicals may hold the key to achieving this. The repeated phrase "I want to run into flowers with you" can be interpreted as a desire to find beauty and positive experiences, and to do so with a partner.

The lyrics also mention wanting to "swim into the sound" and "dive into the ocean," which could symbolize a longing to immerse oneself in something greater and more powerful than the self. This could be interpreted as a desire for spiritual enlightenment or simply a desire to feel a sense of belonging.

Overall, the lyrics of Run Into Flowers suggest a desire for escape and a search for something more meaningful and positive.

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Comments from YouTube:

Dallas Van Winkle

No joke, I listened to this after not hearing it for years and immediately began weeping. Had to pull myself together.

Rouch Williams

Holy shit! U too?

Hello Juneau

First song of M83 that I had wandered upon about 6 years or so ago. I was speechless and motionless. Love at first sound

stop asking

12 years ago now

Michael Gass

+Des Vanbelli (運命)

interesting point, i feel album #2,3, and 4 are freaking EPIC...not a lot of music causes a man to cry uncontrollably.

Hello Juneau

:) yeah. I only wish the new albums are just as good as the old ones

john williams

exact same as me.First song I found of them,saw them in Belfast in 2012..only crowd of 900..amazing

K. H.

So much nostalgia for this album. M83 will always have a place in my heart and my memories. Balling on the inside.

Gabriel Pate

Meee tooo


I love this song so so much. Just like the title states, this song emanates the passion of letting go of your ego and simply "run into flowers". I just close my eyes while listening to this song and I'm always swept off my feet into pure euphoria. This is the perfect song to paint to. I adore you, M83. :)

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