Fum Fum Fum
Mannheim Steamroller Lyrics

On this joyful Christmas Day
Sing fum, fum, fum
On this joyful Christmas Day
Sing fum, fum, fum
For a blessed Babe was born
Upon this day at the break of morn
In a manger poor and lowly

Lay the Son of God most holy
Fum, Fum, Fum!

Thanks to God for holidays
Sing fum, fum, fum
Now we all our voices raise
And sing a song of grateful praise
Celebrate in song and story
All the wonders of His glory
Fum, fum, fum

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Comments from YouTube:

Tim Danby

Oh no!!! My legs are doing a medival dance!!!

Zorba, The Veiled Male

There is SO much going on in this song - awesome!

John Jones

Isn't it wonderful??? This is cranked up in my car year round - can't ever get it too loud so I can hear every single thing. Just wonderful - I heard it in K-Mart one year, and I HAD to have it. By itself, almost (but not quite) as good as a Moody Blues song. :-))

Jen S

My step mom walked down the isle to this song.

Tim Hammer

Still my favorite from Mannheim Steamroller

Derek L. Smith

I tried playing this tune years ago with a soprano recorder and managed well until the time through the verse before the duet when the artist performed the descending-ascending arpeggio and followed with quintuple tonguing at the upper extreme of the instrument's range. I hacked my way through it, but the congregation were very gracious.

Tara Franklin

I don't think anything will ever beat getting to hear this song live. I waited through the concert hoping against hope...and right when it seemed the end and the band quieted down, Chip Davis said "welcome to the third half". This song began to play and I almost cried, I was so happy.

That was about thirteen years ago.

Jonas Clark

@Tara Franklin They used to tour the country every Christmas. I saw them a few times, but nowhere near St. Louis. They've stopped touring; the tours that have happened in recent years are a group who are licensed to perform their songs.

Tara Franklin

@Jonas Clark Were you there?? It was in St. Louis.

Jonas Clark

They put on an incredible live show, and played all but a few songs I wanted to hear.

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