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Screeching Weasel Lyrics

If you've ever question beliefs
That you hold you're not alone
But you ought a realize that
Every myth is a metaphor
In the case of Christianity
And Judaism there exist the
Belief that spiritual matters are
Enslaved to history
The Buddhists believe that the
Functional aspects override
The myth while other religions
Use the literal core to build
Foundations with
See half the world sees the myth
As fact while it's seen as a lie
By the other half and the simple
Truth is that it's none of that
And somehow no matter what the
World keeps turning
Somehow we get by without ever learning
Science and religion are no
Mutually exclusive
In fact for better understanding
We take the facts of science
And apply them
And if both factors keep evolving
Then we continue getting information
But closing off possibilities makes
It hard to see the bigger picture
Consider the case of
The women whose faith helped
Her make it through when she
Was raped and cut up left for dead
In a trunk her beliefs held true
It doesn't matter if it's
Real or not cause some things
Are better left without a doubt and
If it works then it gets the job done


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The Chaos Vibration

This song is a real testimony to how the "un-educated guy with out his University Foo-Foo's" actually gets "it" better than the philosophers, the scientists, the guru's and clergy men.

Maybe if the people in power got over themselves, and their differences things would be better.... of course all that bit about rites, truths, and all this and that.

I was raised Christian, and just found them ignorant.

Did the Punk Rock thing growing up and realized it was just a trend for be the most untrendy person in the room. Punk Rock became a religion.

Than I got into philosophy, and realized they just Aristotle their own Jesus Christ.

Than I got into logic and materialism same problem, they're jsut religious about rationality.

Than spirituality, than the occult. And they all do the same shit, it's sad and they really aren't aware of it at all.

It's always some bru-hah about how "People don't get nailed to crosses and survive, than they masturabte to the Lao Tzo being a butterfly overlooking that was probably some metaphor too".

Ironically when I was 17 this song wast something somthign cool to listen to and think about, when I got older it actually hits more true now than than back than.

If anyone likes to read, there's a book "Hardcore Zen- Punkrock and Monster Movies" by Brad Warner, it basically is a book that speaks to the message of this song.

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The genuinely beautiful thing about this song is that it teaches acceptance and love for those who probably aren't like us. Yeah, they have faith, they have religion, so what? It helps them manage their lives, it helps them navigate their difficulties. Screaching Weasel hit it out of the park with this song, because acceptance and love is the true message of punk rock.

Dave Anchovies

I credit Mr Weasel for breaking the rules of punk...especially his love of sports and his own rules "my rules". I thought punk was for the outsiders and free thought until I moved to the city and found the hardcore scene here a frat with religious like beliefs. Took awhile to get through as I didnt look like them, was a little older and had a band that didn't sound like the rest of the lockstep sxe scene or 90s hardcore sound.
Unlike the tiny garage bands who were more laid back and welcoming. Lost my point. It's ok to love baseball and punk. Thanks, Foster.

T Fries

That's interesting , I was just arguing last night that the true message of punk was first and foremost Freedom or , Liberty and then DIY. See , when I was a chubby pimply ,spikey haired ,chain wearing teen , I read books that others my own age wouldn't touch , my tastes revolved around the Third Reich , Karl Marx , Anarchism and post apocalyptic fiction all of which stemmed from me getting a model kit of the German battleship Bismark for my 12th birthday , thus began my fascination to understand all the weird shit in this life , by the way the reason I got that model was music ! It was a song by Johnny Horton that my dear pop would listen to called "Sink the Bismark". I know that song by heart and used to wonder why anyone would want to sink a ship for in the first place, especially one as badass as the Bismark. That spawned me getting a library card and looking the whole thing up (. Ah WW2 a Bismark was a German ship , we were at war and so we had to sink that huge and majestic , if not awe inspiring ship , after all it fired shells as big as trees ! Anyways , boy do I regress. Yeah , freedom and DIY and freedom means that you get the good with the bad , you cannot be for freedom as long as you wish to deny others that basic right of self determination. Many punks went left wing , I stood firmly against that ,counseling that both wings on that broken bird are fucked and that as a punk or a skin one should stand for liberty , not be for being on the government teat as a lifestyle. Ok I'm done

G.C. Fairchild

Tragically underrated as a poet.


@Philip J. Fry what's a poet?

Philip J. Fry

This is sarcasm, right?


And a gentleman.

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Dijana Milek

this song will be ahead of its time for a long time

Jelly Neck

This song has great lyrics to think about. I never listened to Screeching Weasel back in the day, but this really sums up and adds to how I've always felt about faith and religion.


"The first sip from the cup of natural science makes one an atheist, but at the bottom of the cup, God awaits." Werner Heisenberg

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