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Björk Lyrics

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Countess Boochie Flagrante

Anyone else get really emotional when they hear this?

Nichelle’s World


Andrey Ch


Lukasz Mateja

goosebumbs everywhere

Edith Sjöberg

ZeldaFoxEars Oh, yes😞

Melvin T

No no no, this song doesn't play when you arrive in the world. The song starts during your departure from this world, as your spirited drifts from this plain of existence and onto the next one. When you go on to the next life, and as you are born, the song finally reaches it's climax. You have arrived, enjoy your stay.

Nichelle’s World

Sadly, that is very true...🥺😭 But this made me imagine that when i die, i will confidently ascend to Heaven.. Cuz it's a great place to be in the afterlife...😇🌈🌤️💫✨🌌

David Courreges

Kudos To Vince Mendoza...Bjork is incredibly talented, but without Mendoza's orchestration and knowledge of brass scoring...well....

Ivan Run

the arrangement is incredible


I always imagined that when I die I'll wake up in another dimension......and when I wake up in that world, I hope this song is playing in the background.......sorry if this post is too emo.

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