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Night School
by Frank Zappa

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Oscar Johnson

Frank would have had a field day with today's technology - I can only imagine. Thank you for all you've done Mr. Zappa

Avant Garden

@Marie Loiseau The best composers today we might not even know about until much further down the road.

Marie Loiseau

The problem with today's technology is that there is such an overflow of information. Most of today's top artists are mediocre composers at best, because they spend most of their productive, creative time tweaking synth settings or downloading sound packs. It's a shame really. The best composers today are still the ones who put technology behind them and stick to traditional techniques.

Gabriele Gagliardi

I image zappa into electronic music much more than rock and guitar based stuff

Citizen Sanction

this is like secret zappa... like if you take the time to listen to each track there is a special gem hidden inside

Get Zapped

You can find some old footage of him messing around with synclaiver around this time


Way ahead of his time, the good Frank.

Eric Herrera

"Boy, what an imagination!"

Putrid Abomination

Ya like Jazz...

From Hell by Frank Zappa?


Crush my bones with that freaky machine!

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