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Universal Dance
Roberto Cacciapaglia Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Universal Dance' by these artists:

Laugh & Peace One, two! One, two, three, four! I just want to shake my…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Roberto Cacciapaglia:

Figlia del cielo Giorni notti Buio luce Notti albe Danza senza fine Aspet…
How long How long, O Lord? Will you forget me? How long will…
Michael Angelus Pacis Angelus pacis Michael in aedes Caelitus nostras veniat seren…
My Time Stored on the shelves of my memory My thoughts are in…
Un'ora Un'ora per nascere un'ora per morire Un'ora per piantare …
Un'ora (From the Qoelet) Un'ora per nascere un'ora per morire Un'ora per piantare un'…

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Comments from YouTube:

Samuele Proietti

My piano teacher told me to read and play this art piece for the next lesson, now just past a week, and then, I can play it, what can i say? I love it!.

Yunice BitBit

Wonderful music! I could listen to them all day. Thank you for uploading them, CapeTranquillity! Keep them coming!

Miguel Gonzalez Favela

Una de mis melodías favoritas de este gran pianista.


Yeah it's big shame that people don´t know this kind of music. I wonder why? Those who know this, can be proud of it. One does not simply stop listening to epic music.


Immediately when I see the name CapeTranquillity, I smile and think: Yes. I´m ready to hear another heavenly song that I´ve been waiting for. I´m ready for a new epic adventure.


I subscribed... I just absolutely admire this kind of music.


Wonderful!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Danuta Domańska

Excellent work.

Maria Rosaria Gioffredo

Musica per il Cuore, il corpo e anima. Stupenda!

Theresia Swiebel

Very beautiful music!

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