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田中公平 Lyrics

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Ndnenenem Dbdjejej

Everytime I hear Gravity Rush OST, I want to cry.

I was playing that game on the PS Vita when I was 9-10 years (I guess I was the only kid who didn't have a 3DS), and I have great memories playing it, I remember spending a lot of time just flying around the old town, and being amazed by the ability to control Gravity.

Even today, 7 years later, it's still one of my favorites games.

Recently, there was a sale at my local game store, and I found Gravity Rush 2 for 20 $.

I instantly buy it, even if i don't have a PS4.

I guess I am going to buy a used console just for playing this game.

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This game just really makes me want to jump off a ledge...

Heeho mgee

And then fall down sideways

Rob Vega

When the camera fails, me too...


Erin Clarke no better yet how about the grappler from fortnite


asimb0mb that's the fuckin point dolt

Erin Clarke

@Ransom Seraph I wish!

It would be cool if at least one gave u powers!

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This game deserved way better marketing from sony! It deserves to be a system seller for the vita. Hopefully a sequel gets the recognition it deserves.

baguette wolf

@Rotte playstation you stupid

[]GreenGuy []

Gravity rush 1 had a custom psvita+ game pack that I bought

Nicholas Herdzik

Hopefully a potential Gravity Rush 3 will get more love and attention from Sony. Just enough to make it stand out a bit more.

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