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il vento d'oro
菅野祐悟 Lyrics

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as much as this song is funny, it really explains the whole story of vento aureo imo:

0:00 - the start of giornos journey to be a gangstar

0:29 - him and the gang start to face enemies

1:11 - during the scene on the boat, he explains his dream and how he wants to rid italy of crime

1:39 - he and the gang acquire a new mission, to protect the boss’ daughter, trish facing hardship along the way

2:37 - abbachios death

2:40 - narancias death

2:44 - bucciallatis death

2:56 - giorno looking into the sky, remembering all who have fallen along the way

3:14 - everyone desperately trying to get the arrow and stop diavolo

3:42 - king crimson erases time, thinking he has won

3:45 - golden experience requiem is activated, reversing the time erasure

4:14 - diavolo suffers the consequence of requiems ability, suffering for all eternity

4:43 - giorno becomes the boss of the italian mafia, achieving his dream

this is just what i picture every time i listen to this song lol

Literal darkness

giorno be like
👁️ 👁️

kakyoin be like:

👁️ 👁️


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Okuyasu Nijimura

I played this song in my car, now its a Speedwagon


You made exhale from my nose noice

JALAL Al-Aasam

@Spicy Scented Febreeze but he already has a theme


The best wifu

Mirco Grimes

From a Civic to a supra really fast tho

Potato Phantom

@Spicy Scented Febreeze dude that would dope

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Squidward Tentacles

"I, Giorno Giovanna, have used this line way too many times."

Noah Kleppolsen

@Giorno Giovanna Nice sub count

Abir Miah

"i jotaro kujo", have used YAREYAREDEZA TOO MANY TIMES:)!


Yeah and i am Jotaro Kujo and i say youre dumb you cant say that too much times you NEED TO SAY YARE YARE DAZE

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