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Eruyt Village
崎元仁 Lyrics

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Jon Umber

I'm coming up on 40 years of gaming now and this is still my favorite video game song of all-time.

Andrew Hembree

Thank you for your service

Urethra Franklin

XII was such an underrated game. I don't normally do 'lists', but if I did then this one would definitely be in the top 3, no doubt.

Walamonga 1313

@David Pumpkin Zodiac bumped it from trash tier to "tedious but interesting enough to finish" for me

Marlon Solis

2 games in my top 3 are from the Ivalice Alliance games.

David Pumpkin

I didn't care too much for the original, but the zodiac version to me was a HUGE improvement. Went from middle of the road to top 3 for me.


While it's not quite talked about now I don't think it was underrated at all. The game got solid critic reviews and nailed its sales figures when it released. For its time, pretty well-rated thankfully.

Erin Jasufu Makku

The turbo mode was great your right lol i stsrted playing the ps2 version again lately and missing that turbo mode sooo much xD and really? Haste is actually super useful. Tho guess not when its put on a rather useless job lol. Ashe as a black mage monk tho ive not tried that. Ill have to test that out on my next play thru.

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Rafael Braga

As a nostalgic FFXII player, can't express how I felt when they used this theme in FFXIV's Viera Playable Race Reveal (/watch?v=N8JE4-T-i0s). It's just plainly awesome.

Sigritus Migritus

Upset they have not used it in the Fannow. But can't have it all

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