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Eruyt Village
崎元仁 Lyrics

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Someone told me it was referenced in the main theme of the 5th area in FFXIV Endwalker. I haven't played FFXII before and this sounds really beautiful.
(Spoiler for FFXIV:)

The area was named Elpis.
Edit: the reference to this is really minor, or not sure if that was a reference : P

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Jon Umber

I'm coming up on 40 years of gaming now and this is still my favorite video game song of all-time.


Than you sir are a legend. One of the GOATS.

I predict a catastrophe

@Athos Animator 7 "40 years of gaming"
"Thank you for your service"
It's kinda funny actually


@Zxphyr can I know your top 1 to 4


23 years of gaming for me and yes this is my top 5 fav game of all time


Thank you. I needed this comment.

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Urethra Franklin

XII was such an underrated game. I don't normally do 'lists', but if I did then this one would definitely be in the top 3, no doubt.

Onyx Esprit

@J Chea Looking forward too it 🤗🍈

J Chea

@Onyx Esprit perhaps in another lifetime, we could be born in Ivalice :)

Onyx Esprit

@J Chea not necessarily I mean as long as you had a decent party and the wood Warders could leave the village temporarily just to protect it.. but honestly with a long life span with no companionship I don't know if I could do it...

I'm all about like being an adventure discovering things sticking a sword in a werewolf . Magic wasn't really in my forte.. lol 😅

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