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Masayoshi Soken Lyrics

Beneath the gazing stars
Vales deep and forests dark
Betrayed by loyal hands, Her wrath stirred

Bound fast unto our fate
One path, one burden great
Yet ever do our aching souls point Heavensward
Ever rings out our song

Yes, ever do our aching souls march Heavensward
As they've done for so long

To their trespass
We are Witness
Here to pass this
Final sentence

No forgiveness
No deliverance
Only Justice
Only Vengeance

Wills unbending
Faith unending
Stone defending
Now our steel shall sing

Guide us, O mighty Fury
Guide us to victory!

Dys an sohm in (Our slumber disturbed)
Rohs an kyn (My brothers wake)
Sahl djahs afah an (Vengeance will be ours)
Mah morn narr (The saviours must perish)

Writer(s): Michael-christopher Koji Fox, Masayoshi Soken

Contributed by Zoe P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Right Wing

Pour one out for Stephen Critchlow. Narrator of Heavensward, voice of count Edmont de Fortemps.

Today another angel is sent heavensward...


“For those we have lost. For those we can yet save.”

Mona Chan

@Reynsoon ya I feel ya, I'm guessing it's a difficult thing to do, design wise and all


@Mona Chan I wish emoji on Chrome on PC were more expressive, I thought that was the crying laughing emoji till I went to phone and saw it was the genuine sadness emoji.

Mona Chan



"Let the deeds written herein never be forgot, that they may inspire generations yet unborn to strive ever heavensward."


There's no feeling in the world like running through Coerthas Western Highlands in the middle of a blizzard and hearing the faintest voice echo, "Beneath the gazing stars..."

Paweł Charabin

@JaffalsRada finally one good soul .even Yoshi P knows that breaks are good.although i will admit that my initial post could be controversial -should post IT more like "that is true .just do not forget that real life is also dope and even better - keep IT balanced folks" -would make less fuss


@Paweł Charabin is just try to tell you guys that real life has its own fun just like video game does. That's all. No harm done. We don't need to argue in the song comments


@Paweł Charabin people playing games and having fond moments is... bad? Just like how a movie can be fantastic and stick with you, so can video game moments. Outside is also a little more difficult for some at the moment too...

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