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Kaine / Salvation
Square Enix Music Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Square Enix Music:

Grandma Cyaré vou pali tandu briavé Flané imundra lonom Sovfla monus…
Hills of Radiant Winds ユ・グラヴァ・イ Yu gcrlava i ヘイ・ポ・セクト・ディン・ユァパ・ディ・ソフィ Hey po sect di…
Shadowlord's Castle Isifii iimore Hara staro tiiya Huadere qui desa Iifadi ra no…

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Oga Tatsumi

I've gotta admit that I'm only playing Nier:Automata, but, when I entered this cave and Emil told me their story...
I almost cried, and I got goosebumps all over my body, it's the first time a game has ever made me feel that
This place was so beautiful I didn't run once inside it
Also the Japanese voice of Emil gives a lot of feels, like it's really alive
This game is amazing ♥

Edit: I now MUST play the rest of NieR games

Mel Christensen

Honestly, my first thought on hearing this song is 'is she singing in Irish?'. There totally seems to be some Irish words in there. Or what sound like Irish words. Words like Súil = to walk. Galach = ardent or valiant.
Siúl faram maoin
(Shool Faw-rawm Moy-een)
ár dearadh nóisin
(Arr Jar-oo No-shen)
dá galach dáil fiúir
(Daw Gal-lak dall fyoor)
mhallaigh fuide éis lacht airim s'púir
(Mawl-lay fwee-Day ess Lawt Err-iM Spoor)
( s'púir Is a contraction of seo púir )

To walk with someone beloved
is our fanciful design.
To burn with desire and fury
a curse long after tears; to feel (this) loss.

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"You've helped me find some of my precious memories. Now I'll be able to keep pushing forward, even if I'm alone."
Oh, Emil.

Venoy Ferrao

I'm.....not..crying.....the shades are cutting onions in the next room.!

Returned to monkey

Yeah... about that.....

GhostSoap 246O1

Fuckin Crying


People who disliked this don't know what's good...

I only played Automata, but holy shit this hit me like a truck when I got access to the flower cave. Knowing some of the lore probably helped, but Nier veterans must've felt it so much more.

Bearfax II

@Jafid Ayman can confirm, came back to this video after a while and was like "why tf does it say I disliked this???" switched that around immediately lmao

Luc René de Cotret

I came in blind in Nier Automata, but it hit like a truck, now I just got Nier Replicant v1.2IAin’tSayin’TheNumbers and just finished FFXIV’s Yorha raid, and it hits like a SQE building in the crotch. This song is magnificent.

Vgly Cvmshot

@Neko Paw nah

Venoy Ferrao

Daggers of sorrow impaled my heart

Pez Dispencer

@Riastradh It's tied to the Emil's Memories sidequest which can be initiated by looking at the flower in the Commercial Facility after completing the Forest Kingdom in route A/B.

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