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This Is Your Story
仲野順也 Lyrics

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Aurel Popa15

This song gives me chills. I feel like I can solve all my life problems when I listen to this.

Zay The Legend

Me too i searched this playlist just to find this song

Isaac Mayo

You can bro👍🏾

KJ Cmo

this gave me chills when I played ffx for the first time in 2001. great memories. that's why I'm still here today. favorite game of all time.

Getsuga Allen

@Avihs IX God bless you bro Jesus loves you, idk I just thought about telling you that

Avihs IX

@Just An Average Joe how did that first time go? This game means so much to me and connected with me on so many inexplicable levels. It sounds stupid to most but maybe I’d be dead if I didn’t find this piece of art and I’m curious what you think playing it first off, after the industry having gone through so many shifts and such.

Luis G

@Carl Johnson Ikr

Carl Johnson

This is really late but same, I've been playing for the last month or 2 and I can say whole heartedly, this game is amazing and it brought back many childhood memories


I still remember when I had the demo for this when I first got my PS2 late 2000! Great memories!

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Muay Thai Bachatero

I love how we were all led to believe that Tidus traveled a thousand years into the future, but in reality, he was in present time in a dream town far out into the ocean away from mainland Spira.

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