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Into the Wilderness
なるけみちこ Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Into the Wilderness' by these artists:

Burning Hearts The Alaskan tundra and the wild bears I am returning to…
J.H.M It's wild Out there But no one seems to know or…

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Comments from YouTube:

Samwise Gamgee

One of the most underrated video game soundtracks of all time.


indeed glad i bought all of the main series wild arms games

Major Tom

@Samwise Gamgee do it!

Samwise Gamgee

@Major Tom Ah that's a good comparison! I have one of his albums I haven't listened to in awhile, I'm tempted to go boot it up for nostalgia's sake. 💜

Major Tom

Indeed. Kitaro's Silk Road has a cyber-Japanese cowboy portion that's a kindred spirit to this track. ✌

Kutsal Kurt



I heard this when I was just a kid.

It's still just as magnificent as I remember...

Kutsal Kurt


Sara Mattos

Josephine Lithius yeah that was awesome!

Andre Setiawan

Josephine Lithius b

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