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The Man With The Machine Gun
The Black Mages Lyrics

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Nobuo you awesome man! I love The Black Mages they are so cool! I would love to see them live!

Mic Sounders The 13th

Nobuo you are The Man with the Sound, I miss you, Final Fantasy is not the same without you...


Nobou just loves it!!! Gotta love the man for creating so many memorable themes, and the Black Mages, well what a band!!! Shame people just dont get game music, some of the greatest music out there is from games, especially the FF series!!!

Rin H

I love how they mixed in a little bit of The Legendary Beast in with this, it's my favorite one. Thanks for uploading this

Osvaldo G. Torres

Man! The keyboard just freaking rocks so hard! I'm a guitarrist myself, but I must admit the keyboardist here just kicks ass! I believe he's the mastermind behind Final Fantasy excellent and fantastic music!


That was frieken amazing! They're all so talented! :D


It's great to see Nobou rockin' out to some of his masterpeices.


These people are all so awsome. I mean come on some of them are like 40 50 years old others younger and they still play video game music metal style in front of audience and the music is soo amazingly perfectly done. It has fills and PERFECT! combinations of instruments and different melodies. Its aswesomely complex and above all flawlessly performed. RESPECT for these people!!

Theodore Jordan

these guys are all great... Nobuo is a genius and the rest of the guys are awesome! Tsuyoshi Sekito also great guitarist!!!!


These guys are soooo insanely good live!!

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