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雨宮天 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Skyreach' by these artists:

Amamiya Sora 心に隠してた想い 静かに言葉で刻んで 踏み出す手探りな明日へ 強く迷い無い瞳で どんな未来でも受け止める私でいたくて…
Sora Amamiya 心に隠してた想い 静かに言葉で刻んで 踏み出す手探りな明日へ 強く 迷い無い瞳で どんな未来でも受け止める私でいたく…

We have lyrics for these tracks by 雨宮天:

Glitter Where's North from here? It was a glitter freeze Listen …
RAINBOW There's a rainbow in my heart That reminds me of how…

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Comments from YouTube:

Suoh Kawakami

I love her Akame voice and this OP but I will always see her as Aqua our stupid Goddess xD

Suoh Kawakami

@Kyubey hahaha I know that feeling xD


@Suoh Kawakami Holy lord its stuck in my head now.... HELP

Suoh Kawakami

@Kyubey yep :D


Wait thats the same va?????

RandomGuy OnYT

thank you akame ga kill for giving me sadness everytime i heard this opening :">


Greetings from Germany!!! Hope you will have a good live, love, fun und sun!!! Make your way!!

Latauvia Ruffin

Akame Ga Kill!


@Ardhana Hariwidagdo Perfecto.

Ardhana Hariwidagdo

And Akame herself sings it too!!

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