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Demon Eyes
Dargaard Lyrics

I am one you called,
Deep in the night you lost your soul.

Through demon eyes you saw,
What lies behind the mask of life.

To ride with me; to cross the fire-sea…
Were these your greatest dreams?

Eternal wisdom you will earn,
Far away from present days.

Through demon eyes you saw,
The spheres I left for centuries.

Shadows of the worlds beyond,
They touch you like a burning wind.

A circle-gate of never-ending journeys.
In close to the eyes,
You now call your own.

Walk the path of spirit,
Into dimensions unknown.

Through demon eyes you died.

Contributed by Elena R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I gave up looking for a similar band.. this music is so unique.. most other neoclassical dark wave bands don't rise to this level of perfection in vocals, rich beats and melodies and lyrics.. I really wish they do a come back... Tharen is my only hope to listen to such music.. nobody can do the same..

Alexandra Aray

Amo esta banda, es como volar sin alas, solo con el sonido

M.j. Starr

Dargaard is truly in a class all of there own. Each track they bring forward, rain's a powerful depth of emotion. This is a band that the world needs to be enlightened to. All hail Dargaard !!

Jesus Triana

Desde Mexico escuchando esta música muy buena banda

Subterranean Promotions

i hope Dargaard come back any day soon, this is great music.

Odin The OG

I love that Daargard fans recommend music

tomer ben david


Vatroslav Morbidović

Tharen: Damn it, we got lost!
Elizabeth: I think I see a squirrel over there.

Kiso Kupus

Great song!


Simply Amazing

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