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Hans Zimmer Geoff Zanelli & Blake Neely Lyrics


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Daniel Greene

My father was only 19 when he was sent to Luzon in the Philippines during WWII. He returned thin, worn and changed. Back then, you didn't have PTSD, you just sucked it up and kept going. Haunted by what he had done and seen, he turned to drink. When I was born, he was a full-fledged alcoholic, abuser and chronically unemployed. He died of liver failure at only 34 years of age. I still carry the broken bones and scars he gave me, as well as the mental and emotional scars.

Flash forward twenty years, Vietnam and then Desert Storm. Against my family's wishes, I joined the military and It was my turn to face the limits of my humanity and courage. I too killed, and cried and lay awake at night staring into the darkness. I could have easily become him, but I managed to hold onto myself through the love of others and the faith and loyalty of my comrades. I was one of the lucky ones.

Do I hate my father for what he became? No. Not anymore. Many in WWII were killed, and many others broken beyond repair. It took me facing the same horror and conflict that he experienced for me to understand. While I may never be able to love you Dad, at least now, I understand you. Rest in peace, your namesake (your Grandson), would have made you proud.


please write a book based on this because let me tell you something I'd buy it 100x all over

Eric Tuten

Your story and experience moves me. I read it while I was listening to the Pacific theme song, which only added to the emotions I felt. I can't imagine what you and your father went through because I've never fought in a war. I admire your courage and the choices you made that ultimately allowed you to understand and at least to have some compassion for your father. Thank you for sharing.

Frederick Pollack

Bless you, man.

Daniel Greene

@Human lol thank you, I don't think I would call it great, but it was definitely an experience.

Human lol

Did you participate in the Vietnam War and the Gulf War? That's great sir!

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James Beck

This music honors these great men in such a way that it almost brings tears to my eyes.

Marco Diaz

I fought for this country in a very vicious battle in desert storm, only to come home and have a highway patrolman spit in my face and arrest me... I have mix emotions on what I gave up in that desert and why I even came home..

benjamin ramsey

@k s fuck off pissant

Warren Chambers

@DR. DEDA Agreed. I believe we who look back upon WWII should respect and honor all who were lost regardless of the country they fought for. Good, bad or indifferent the honor goes to the willingness to fight for those we/they love for if the world ever loses that willingness evil has won.

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