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Mychael Danna Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Becky Gulla

Damn I cried SO HARD on this film! I FIRST cried for that poor Zebra after he broke his poor little legs. (before I knew what I was in for! I thought that poor Zebra had it bad!) God damnit the times when the tiger was scared and exhausted from the boat thrashing around. Then the time when he was near death an Piscine pets his sweet head. LORD I BALLED! This really was a beautiful film!

Hee Suk KIM

Thank you for your music.

Andy Whitfield

I am Spartacus!

Mufasa 305


Dalia Lule

Good song. Its sad too, but it sings to my soul. #LifeOfPie!! 💖🌺. Am i the only one who cries when i remember the movie??

Mateo Morales

This Song is Sad :( but pretty

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