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Secretly Meaty
Nuclear Rabbit Lyrics

I want some service asshole. I've been waiting here a half an hour.
Some say your foods disturbing. Will I regret what I get this evening?

I need some coffee, Linda. You better smile you pea-brain napkin Maid.
My friends don't trust your presence. From this menu I will sample your essence.

Eenie meanie, secretly meaty. A slice of cow, forgotten beef.
A free set of silverware. Did this cow die unaware.
Dirty mike is not too bright. You can cook to his delight.
Accommodate a plate of fries.

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Comments from YouTube:

Tomasz Pietraszewski

Try smoking a joint, then listening to Bungle and Nuclear Rabbit.


fuck... i wish i still had this CD... this album brings back soooo many memories.


This band is underrated comedy metal. I just bought the CD a few months ago to distract myself from quarantine.

Zachary Harriman


Tim A

whoa..what is this? how have i not heard this before now. i've been wasting my life listening to not this.


if this band was any more awesome they would be IV speedballs.

krisiic1982 shtira

ok, next time will try it while high
haha, i think Soad just holds a candle


Yeah Mod Flanders Conspiracy is worth checking out too imo if you like soad and Nuclear rabbit.

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