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Il cielo in una stanza
Mike Patton Lyrics

Quando sei qui con me
Questa stanza non ha più pareti
Ma alberi,
Alberi infiniti
Quando sei qui vicino a me
Questo soffitto viola
No, non esiste più.
Io vedo il cielo sopra noi
Che restiamo qui
Come se non ci fosse più
Niente, più niente al mondo.
Suona un'armonica
Mi sembra un organo
Che vibra per te e per me
Su nell'immensità del cielo.
Per te, per me:
Nel cielo

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When you're here with me
This room has no walls anymore
But trees, infinite trees
When you are close to me
This purple ceiling doesn't exist anymore
I see the sky above us
That stay here abandoned
As if there was nothing in the world anymore
An harmonica plays
It seems to me an organ that vibrates
For you and for me
In the immensity of sky above
For you
And for me
In the sky

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Amariei Calin

The man who made metalheads listen to italian granny music.
Long live Mike Patton.

Scott Thompson

Could not have said it better myself, great comment!👍

MadMax BobBarker 333

Well if that I no shit! Thats why I am here lok


Amariei Calin LOL That cracked me up! 😂

Francesco Bonafine

It's not granny music, it's a classic

YourShadow Self


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Douglas Ferreira

Italian is a beautiful language.


@Michel Carvajal tambien es un hermoso idioma jajajja🇨🇱

Michel Carvajal

Noooooowei conchesumare!?

Francesco Bonafine

It is indeed

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