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Hands Down
Dashboard Confessional Lyrics

Breathe in for luck,
Breathe in so deep,
This air is blessed,
You share with me.
This night is wild,
So calm and dull,
These hearts they race,
From self control.
Your legs are smooth,
As they graze mine,
We're doing fine,
We're doing nothing at all.

My hopes are so high,
That your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me,
So I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst,
To break or bury,
Or wear as jewellery,
Whichever you prefer.

The words are hushed lets not get busted;
Just lay entwined here, undiscovered.
Safe from the hour and all the stupid questions
"Hey did you get some?"
Man, that is so dumb.
Stay quiet, stay near, stay close they can't hear
So we can get some.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me, so I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst,
To break or bury, or wear as jewellery,
Whichever you prefer.

Hands down this is the best date I can ever remember,
Always remember, the sound of the stereo,
The dim of the soft lights,
The scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers
And the time on the clock when we realized it's so late
And this walk that we shared together.
The streets were wet and the gate was locked so I jumped it,
And let you in.
And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist
And you kissed me like you meant it.
And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it,
That you meant it, and I knew,
That you meant it, that you meant it.

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and suddenly i'm 16 again


MVHS 2003

fatih sözer

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Allie Gator

Holy shit right lmao

Sthepanie C.


gunit 010

Time is cruel

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Annie Honeybee

This is my husbands and I song. Lol. I was 15 when I fell for him. 13 years later we are still together 😍

elena v.

dudes, my grandpa and grandma have literally been together since freshman year. and while they did have turbulent times, they worked through them like a healthy couple, and they are now happier than ever. yes, no relationship is perfect, but that alone doesn’t mean they’re all set to fail. no need to be bitter and project on others’ happiness

Mercury syringe

Hey that’s amazing to hear! I hope you guys are great and have a wonderful life together ❤️ truly goals

Hank Dank

@2 D hahaha 👏👏👏

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