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Slavonic Dance No. 2 Op. 72
Antonín Dvořák Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Antonín Dvořák:

Song to the Moon Mesiku na nebi hlubokem Svetlo tve daleko vidi, Po svete blo…

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Comments from YouTube:

Muhamet Kondi

Listening to Antonin Dvorák - Slavonic Dance op 72 my whole life passes in a few minutes. Every time I hear it, I remember all the loved ones, those who are and who have left us, it is a feeling that envelops me from its magic!


@Ivan Hajžin Greetings from Taiwan, former Region Legitimacy of China, the formal title, the Republic of China, we bought lots of machine gun manufactured from your esteemed country, ZB-26, light machine gun, in some respects, ZB-26 could be attributed to the reason why then ROC can defeat Japanese invasion during WWII. Appreciate the great mighty as well as capacity in fields of culture and industry development. Especially the music piece. I like to hear it anytime when I got it

Ivan Hajžin

Máte laskavou duši u nás v České republice máme několik skvělých skladatelů Dvořák a jeho učitel Bedřich Smetana patří mezi ty nejlepší.... Bedřich Smetana

Carol Boelhouwer

So much pure emotion.. You don't need words when you hear this kind of music!

Arlete Veloso

Para mim a melhor performance dessa obra. Sir Simon Ratle como sempre nos encantando com seu talento como regente

Jose De Ribamar Araujo Peres

Dvorak is a genius! One day I heard this so beautiful song in my apartment and, suddenly my neighborhood arrives and screams: "What a beautiful song!"
I repeat it, then...

Arlete Veloso

Essa música toca profundamente a minha alma,e ouvir c philarmonica de Berlim e sir Simon Ratle é tudo de bom

Antonio D'Amore

The sweetest melody ever written. Thanks for uploading it.

jorge angel seijo

Que orquesta, que compositor, que director , Sir Simón Rattler

cam !

one of my all time favorites. turns up emotions i didn’t realize i had

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