Riot Coming
Elliott Smith Lyrics

It's to reveal that fucked up cop
Amped up on prescription pills
That brought my heart to a stop
And I want to tell you there's a riot coming
Like a drug in the water
A punch in the stomach makes sons into daughters

I met a girl on the square
Who showed me how to kill my cares
But once that's done, man, there's nothing to do
Time's running backwards from me and you
There's a riot coming
Like a drug in the water
A punch in the stomach makes sons into daughters
My body's running but I don't see why it bothers

Sat down in jail with this friend of mine
Who'd never close both his eyes
But one was shut all the time
To cover the thing he was scared of
While he watched with the other
There was a riot coming
Like a drug in the water
A punch in the stomach makes sons into daughters

There's a riot coming
There's a riot coming
There's a riot coming

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Written by: STEVEN P. SMITH

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Comments from YouTube:

Wrong Angle

Riots and violence during peaceful protest on the streets of Portland. Prophetic, Elliott.

Cale Muffley

Great record! Elliot more haunting then ever. 

Alex Got scared

This is so underrated, why? This is great,

Miss Lemon

Intenseeeeeeeeee ♥ oh, it feels so good and breaks my heart at the same time


I love this song.
It seems to be addiction/withdrawal related, but it has a universal appeal.
It's playing in my head when there's tension mounting at work or elsewhere.
Thanks for posting. I dig the console tv view of New Moon.

Jekyl Whispy

Um most of his songs have to do with dependence as a concept and always almost always he doesn't forget to say, 'yeah I'm okay if I die'

SithSpit Danikan

@AnotherDeadDisciple Thank you.


@happytreefriends1fan yeah, wow..... I suppose that's an interpretation 😅😅😅

A couple things, though...... In the first verse, I think Elliott is clearly referring to himself as "amped up on prescription pills" that "brought his heart to a stop" (in the figurative sense of heart- stopped him from caring/feeling)
Elliott's references to taking pharmaceuticals are numerous....

Secondly, Elliott was a pretty accepting guy who also studied feminist studies in college.... I can't imagine he had any inclination to either dislike or condemn transgender people.... I don't believe he'd ever condemn someone for being the way they are any more than he wanted anyone to condemn him for who he was....

If anything, I'd say you're projecting your opinions and beliefs on those topics onto Elliott to try and justify your point of view...

Walter Clements

@happytreefriends1fan elliott would have thought you were weird or laughed at you


You don't even have the lyrics right.

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