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Prelude In G# Minor Op. 32
Sergei Rachmaninoff Lyrics

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Nerds Unscripted

@Tued Gaming mine is 5. Brahms 4. Rachmaninov 3. Liszt 2. Chopin 1. Bach

If you think Brahms or Bach are boring you’re listening to the wrong pieces (only say that since when I’ve said them before people always seem to react that way)

Bach’s organ works are the reason I learned to play organ, and his solo violin Chaconne from Partita 2 in D minor conveys more emotion than most composers could convey with an entire orchestra.

Brahms Concerto in D minor is also up there in my list of favorite pieces, and it’s scale and grandeur are the opposite of what novices think of Brahms since they only think of his famous lullaby.

The rest speak for themselves

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Niamh Fitzgerald

one of my favourite piano pieces of all time, theres so many different emotions tied to it in such a short space of time, rachmaninoff was some genius

Dallas Evan

@Edgar Randy Glad I could help :)

Edgar Randy

@Dallas Evan It worked and I finally got access to my account again. I'm so happy:D
Thanks so much, you really help me out!

Edgar Randy

@Dallas Evan i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site thru google and im trying it out now.
Looks like it's gonna take quite some time so I will reply here later with my results.

Dallas Evan

@Edgar Randy Instablaster :)

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James Mitchell

I just watched this video six times in a row. How is Rachmaninov so amazing?!?

Vanah Antwine

@Stephen he was russian


@Stephen well he wasnt and besides what does that have to do with that?

Josefina Mondragon

@Stephen Rach was not a jew. If anything, he was of Turkic origin, at least from his father's side. His mother's surname sounds like a typical Russian Slavic name.

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Without a doubt, this is my MOST favorite solo work for piano ever written. Rachmaninov- there are no words to describe the madness of his musical genius. I once learned this nearly to perfection as a teenage boy, and it's been so long since then (42 now)... I want to work it up once again, it brings tears to my eyes just to listen to it again and again.
Thanks for posting!

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