Johann Sebastian Bach Lyrics

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Osamu Dazai

Hahn is so good, she didn't moved a muscle in this recording

Pace Nallawar

we are mere mortals, we can't observe her speed and tricks

yeah haey

Built different brah

Selena Palmer



she played everything up on G and D string xD


She did moved my heart though 😭.

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The fact that the story behind this piece such a heartbreaking. Bach wrote this piece after his wife died. Hilary nailed this piece. She really put her emotion on playing. I could say, Hilary's version is the best one


It really is sad what a lot of composers have to go through to make these charming pieces... Like ballade no4 from chopin.. Or pieces by Beethoven after him going deaf...

Dark One

@Peter Machado only sence in the comment section

Dark One

@love, the moon emotions are a feminine thing and has been proven and recognized !

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