Tenere Taqqim Tossam
Tinariwen Lyrics

Le désert est jaloux
Jealous Desert

Tenere ti nin
tenere nekkim
taqqim tafuk tedu
Teyyed fel shinawan ashni
Itissed ehad hi tismesti
Teyyed fel shinawan ashni
Tenere tekkus akan aman nes
Aman iman
Dagh aytman ghred tendam
S tenere taqqim tossam
Aghregh yallah kay s ammaqqar
Ayyetkalan tumast tartay

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Miss Cha

You are a treasure..

Seif Maatoug I سيف معتوق

Greeting from Tunisia to all our north african brothers and sisters, one day we shall all be united in Tamzgha.

MoonLight A

@Sarah A
Stupid!! .. Who are U, I am in Great Arabic Maghreb.

Sarah A

@MoonLight A Go back to arabia then.

Wewe Wowo

captanka ciyalka xafada no origin of all berbers its north Africa morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Egypt niger Mali Mauritania Burkina Faso canaria and madeira islands

massi ait ali

Seif Maatoug
greeting from algerian amazighs keep defending our cause

Hamza Baqoushi

I am an Amazigh of arab origin and Great Tamzgha is my homeland.

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amssakol HM

I'm Algerian Targui From Djanet Tassili N'azjjer Please Tinariwen Comback to Djanet ♥

Fella Khe

Une drogue cette musique 🤤 vive les amazigh ♓🇩🇿

عبدالله عبدالله

مر حبا

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