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Sunny Rain
Yiruma Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Yiruma:

I Well I tried But I won't give in That's alright 'Cause I'm g…
If I Could See You Again If only I could see you once again. Maybe then, I…
Just For A While INSTRUMENTAL Shigani ureul jinachodo Byeonhaji ankechi Jams…
Kiss The Rain [Verse 1:] I oft…
River Flows In You Well I tried But I won't give in That's alright 'Cause I'm g…
Wait There sebab hariku begitu panjang karna mengenalmu bukan hanya sek…

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Comments from YouTube:

Lily Arlene Eager

The beautiful thing about Yiruma's music is that no matter your age, gender, language, or anything, you can still enjoy it. Yiruma's music is like one beautiful universal language that anyone can speak.


I have 2 dreams :) i want Yiruma play in my wedding and in my funeral :)

Connie Oh

He's awesome. You can't change that fact. People will try to damage his reputation with degrading words and insults, but his awesomeness will forever remain in his music...

b m

he does not only compose music...he creates me atleast...i discover new feelings through his music...

Hannah Evans

Yiruma's music conveys some kind of positive depression, some kind of oxymoronic contradiction that creates a mixture of emotions in listeners--an explicit concoction unexplainable and full of fireworks, star bursts and glistening notes... He can intrude on my thoughts and leave me speechless, wordless, and utterly silent, left with only the glossy coat of tears in my tired blue eyes.

the subject of stars

I'm only fourteen, but through Yiruma's music, I feel like I've aged at least thirty years; emotionally and mentally. I love you, Yiruma. You've changed my life. ~ ♥

Christa Anamelia

This song lets me express my feelings a way I've never done before. Now I'm able to talk to my friends all the time about the way I feel about stuff.


I don't know the real reason, but I think that 'sunny rain' means happy but sad, beautiful but sorrow. The first time I saw sunny rain, I was happy and it was beautiful. But somewhere in my heart, I felt sorrow and a little sad. It may be my personal emotions, but that's how I think 'sunny rain' means .

Lady Sakura

I think so either :)


thumps up if you think that yiruma it's the best piano player ever ..!! =]

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