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speed up emptiness
cindy collapsed Lyrics

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Jack McBee

Relax little one, everything will be okay. When I was a kid everything seemed so big! My problems seemed like they were the end of the world and no one understood what I was going through and if they did then they didn't care. I was abused as a child, I graduated from punishment to torture when I was in the second grade at the age of seven. Back then they didn't call it abuse and nobody even thought to report it. I lived on a farm so no neighbors saw it and when I showed up to school with black eyes I was encouraged to lie about how I'd gotten them. One of my most disappointing memories is from when I was around ten years old and went to see my cousin in the city. I got to swim in a real swimming pool! Normally I swam in a creek so a pool was a really special event for me. While I was swimming I took off my tee shirt and the lifeguard saw how torn up my back was. I was missing skin from a recent beating and my entire back was basically one big bruise, the lifeguard said I had to get out of the water because he didn't think I could swim so I swam across the pool to show him. He made me get out anyway and I had to sit by the fence while the other kids swam and had fun.

What I learned from all of this. "No amount of pain can stop me as long as I am willing to accept the pain to gain my goal". This became an operative method for me. The second life lesson I learned is that pain doesn't matter. Assess the damage, project decreases in capacity, turn off the pain and proceed to your objective. I remember my father being quite confounded by my actions, he didn't understand that pain could be turned off and thus couldn't understand why progressively more destructive forms of punishment were just as ineffective as light punishment or no punishment. The third life lesson I learned was that fear is the pain of an evil we can sense coming but are powerless to stop and like physical pain can be assessed and turned off. This trick is a bit harder than physical pain, mental pain has a tendency to scramble your thoughts. It's a bit like throwing a spider on a piece of hot metal, if the spider scrambles with all his legs trying to run different directions then he dies. If he is able to control the pain and direct all of his legs in one direction he runs off the metal plate and lives. Fear is like that, you have to scoop up all your thoughts, determine which ones enable survival and make them all run the same direction, hopefully the direction that leads to less pain.

I left home as quickly as I could and joined the Marine Corps to get as far away as I possibly could. Would you like to know what I discovered? There's a whole world out there! It has been a long time since those days and to tell the truth I almost never think of them anymore. All the friends that I thought were my best friends and that we would be best friends forever, only one remains and I talk to him around once a month. I've been around the world seven times, lived in many different nations and done my best to help people that needed help along the way. By now the number of people I've helped rank in the thousands and every once in a while one of them will call or send an email to let me know how they are doing. I've seen sunrises in Japan and sunsets in the deepest jungles of Africa, downed he best beers in Germany, seen Paris and Munich and London, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Melbourne and Christchurch and many more cities around the world. I've seen things that most men will never see and done things that most people couldn't conceive much less believe and in all of this never looked back.

I had a friend one time named "Rex", he was a psychologist and one day when he was prying into my past he suddenly said "It all makes sense now". I said what makes sense? He replied "You're running, you've always been running. You're running from your past". That bothered me because I don't run. I've stood toe to toe with death on many occasions and emerged victorious, if you were to attempt to define me by my actions at the forefront of those actions would be in the instant I perceive danger I intercept and destroy it before it can harm me. I thought about this for a long time and finally decided that he was wrong. While he may have been right in the beginning I changed long ago. While I still run I run for a different reason.

In a cafe in Japan I sat with my breakfast as a woman stepped through the door. A maelstrom of wind and snow swept around her and whipped her hair to a halo around her head backlit by morning sun. She smiled as if to say "That's how life is and I like it", it was a moment of perfect beauty. On a dark shore in the Marianas Islands standing on an old World War Two bunker looking out to sea I watched the sun set with the certain knowledge that there was not another man for at least five hundred miles and here of all places I am truly alone. The sunset was beautiful but the dark horizon was even more impressive. On a little island off the coast of New Zealand I looked up at the stars and wondered at the strange constellations I saw. So many miles from home, so many miles from anywhere but still with friends and good company and many more miles to go before I rest. On the Adriatic sea I'd been kayaking and having grown tired I pulled my boat to shore. Not far from me was a girl and she looked grumpy. She was trying to catch the last rays of a dying sun but the sand kept blowing in her face and I thought "I can do better than that" so I asked her if she'd like to use my kayak. She accepted and paddled around in the surf, and as night drew near she paddled back towards shore but the boat was long and got sideways in a wave and it rolled over with her in it. I rushed into the water to help her and as I drew close she erupted from the water, threw her head back in laughter and executed a perfect pirouette while snatching my cowboy hat from my head and holding it high above her in the sky. That girl, silhouetted by the sun head held back in laughter with my hat above her may have been the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. A beauty so profound as to almost reduce me to tears at the simple joy of it. While It may be true that I started my life running I'll finish it searching and what I search for is a moment of perfect beauty. Thus far I have found seven of them.

We are products of our past but our past does not define us. I am the me that I would like to be and in the instant that I don't like that me I can choose to break from the past and become a new me. You are the same, acknowledge the past and all that it has taught you and then break from that past to become the juggernaut you were meant to be. All the problems that you face are but teardrops in the rain, the sun will come again and with it the joys of a lifetime.


​@Raja Palaparty Peoples who call themselves empaths as if its something special do have some narcissistic traits.
Then on the other hand most peoples work the same way and they have the same triggers.
A lot of them want attention and especially a lot of peoples with childhood trauma want/need more of that to function properly.
Many peoples lived horrible lives and i dont mind to aknowledge that and give them some comfort when they "play victim" to make them feel a little bit better.
These so called empaths do have some traits that are superior. They tend to have a great intuition and a very high EQ.

What about a very empathic person who can set boundaries? Personalitys are different to say that a healthy person must have a lot of empathy is black and white thinking.
There are personalitys who are not very empathic very introvert and still perfectly healthy and sane but there are also some who are very empathic social and extrovert.

The peoples who use "empath" as some kind of weird title to make em special do have some problems but to look down upon them because of that is not a sign of a very healthy mind.

Diego Ambrósio

One interpretation:

Psychopathy: inability to detect the other person's emotion
Sympathy: ability detect the other person's emotion
Empathy: ability feel the other person's emotion
Compassion: will to relieve the other person's pain
Action: to provide the necessary change to relieve the other person's pain

The dark empathetic would actually be sympathetic and use that detection to damage someone else. Otherwise, the person would be affected since he/she would be occupied feeling the other person's emotion.

Dark Matter

When we talk about subsets of the sort we must remember that there are variables that are not being checked in these studies. For instance - if anyone is doing any sort of infiltration into a group of sorts that doesn’t match their behavior they could be exhibiting traits of a dark empath. By this standard there are a lot of folks that claim to be something that they are not. In my experience with folk who have intellectual prowess, confidence and those who are observant beyond a norm are able to fool those which are not. An intellectually subpar empath may stumble words and appear fake when compared with a crafty and observant pathological liar. It would also depend upon how much time is being spent with said individual and noting whether or not that they know they are being observed.
A test of the sort of 1000 ppl that know that they are being observed for some psychological fringe group may kick it up a notch in the pretend category. Why would they not.
Off the top of my head I could come up with several examples of societal power positions that follow this type of behavior and same with that of a “good” empath in general.

There is balance or there isn’t. Good and bad are subjective. People can do bad things for the greater good or do good things to elevate them to the point where they can really do some damage.
I fear it is not as simple as this and truly wonder why there would be such an influx of “empaths” in the past 20 years. It appears unlikely that everyone that states they are an empath of some sort is actually one or just wanting to fit in somewhere. One could say the same about any obscure labeling that has gained attention en masse.

I think that if there were some gauge of humility involved that I would feel better about descriptions of the sort but I’ve not seen any focus on a filter like that.

If there was truly a defining factor that would differentiate the benevolent from the malevolent-I believe that humility is a better indicator of what type of person someone who is dealing with. I don’t hear that discussed in studies. I’ve found that the measurement of humility when gauging a personality type is far more accurate than quizzing folk on things they are ready and willing to lie about especially when known dark triad traits are present.


Thank you for the video. I have some thoughts to add to help in understanding.

Human beings enjoy having definitions and therefore understanding the world through separation and the colouring of those separated parts in order to make sense of what is happening in their lives.

In everyday life, most people would like to believe they are good and that others are malevolent. Defining personality types reinforces this subconscious belief system and therefore they try to pin names and understandings onto others in order to defend their sense of goodness and wellbeing.

Empathy is a natural trait that we all share as long as some level of development is undertaken. For most people, who only care about material things and wellbeing, of course it seems like magic when the other person understands them. But this is not very hard. All people emanate emotion and thought, it is just a matter of paying attention and losing your sense of personality in order to see life through their perspective.

Along the path of development, if not enough care is taken in increasing the level of compassion along with intelligence and perceptive ability then one tends to disregard others' feelings and only focus on achieving their goals. This is an incomplete level of attainment and therefore seems unstable to others.

However, there is another form of this that appears exactly the same as an incomplete level of attainment. In perceiving others' feelings and thoughts you soon learn to understand what belongs to the other person as an achievement of their own Self and what they are composed of that is simply automated thoughts, beliefs and sensations. When first feeling this there is a great sense of danger because you realise most people throughout the world function in an automatic way, never really internalizing their experiences and therefore they are able to take negative action or take part in populist ideas simply because they have not achieved a level of inner stability where the events of the outer world do not imprint them with belief systems.

When sensing this, the empathic nature sees their perspective but the developed intellect understands that all belief systems are given to people through subconscious means and therefore, without being able to convince them of their incorrect understanding, you simply try to guide people in the right way. Is this manipulation? Some may think so and therefore the definition of dark empath fits in their minds. However, is a shepherd manipulating the sheep when taking them from one plain to another in order to graze on better food? I do not believe so. In fact, it is the responsibility of those who have reached a level of achievement to guide others rather then let them be guided by the constant stream of contradictory information coming from the current civilization.

This will always be perceived negatively by others when they become aware of it. That is unfortunate. It will take a lot more work from human beings to reach a higher level where they can understand that all influences in life and beyond are already manipulating you and that one who perceives you and tries to guide does not always have negative intentions. And it is this distinguishing of truth from untruth that will help humans evolve.


​@KinoHermesJourney I was talking about the persons who you mentioned. They talk about empathy as if its something magical they do that so other peoples view them as "good" or special.
Mhm if you say autistic peoples all belong in institutions to an autist its more a personal attack, everybody would get defensive with such a statement empaths even more because you face thim with agression they usually mention that and mirror the emotion.

I dont wanna get too political but take the peoples who switched their profile picture to the ukranian flag alot of them are the same peopels who are for inprisonment of unvaccinated peoples here in my country. (I wish my english would be better im having a hard time expressing what i want to say)
If you tell these peoples just anything against ukraine they will throw a tantrum because all they want is the approval of the majority of peoples around them.

"some people use kneejerk political correctness as a substitute for developing any real empathy, and I view that kind of mentality as rather petty and dislike its lack of nuance."
Exactly this
I can guarantee you that 99% of the peoples who will tell you that they are empaths and they have superpowers are exactly this one dimensional attention seeking characters.They only care when someone else watches them.

Empathy (atleast how i see it) is just a great intuition the ability to read expressions or rather the inability to filter out anything which causes a sensoric overload(im sure as an autist you know what i mean).
You instantly know when someone lies to you just by the way someone is saying something but it drains so much energy.

If i understood the op correctly he is just saying that empathy is not feeling the emotions of the other persons but more mirroring their emotions and feelings from your own point of view this can be similar to a certain point but its still only your own interpretation of that emotion.(i hope this all was somehow understandable i really wished my english was better ^^)

Its a nice conversation tho its a rarity on youtube
All the best for you


@KinoHermesJourney Its not Amazing it sucks big time.
Imagine having a good day and you see a video of a random person who is upset about something and you start to feel the same(or atleast your perception of that emotion) all of a sudden your mood is destroyed you feel sorry for the other person to such a degree that you cant function properly anymore. You cant focus on anything else and you feel the urge to help them so they feel better which in return makes you feel better. Its crippling and it makes you very lonely because every social interaction is draining so much energy off you that you start to rather be on your own.
It draws the attention of peoples who will suck you dry because you become a easy victim for them. They are your natural counterpart.

This peoples who act like they have awesome superpowers with their hardcore empathy are all fakers every single one of them. They are dishonest because they rely soley on other peoples perception off them they need other persons to tell them how good they are to raise their self esteem and one good way to earn a pet on the back is by beeing very "good" these peoples tend to be hardcore political correct and force their moral believes (or better the moral of the majority of peoples around them) on you.
There is an ez way how you can rip their masks down just say something to them thats highly controversal a very empathic person will engage with you to understand your point of view.
A faker will react with anger and start guilt tripping you or just straight up block any further conversation.
Most of these peoples are not doing it on purpose they genuinely think they are empathic.

A truly empathic person will usually not tell you about how they feel or what they did to help others, They dont need the appreciation of 3. persons they do it only for the good feeling they get when they make someone happy. It just a way of releasing endorphines .

Ps. The op is a 100% right with what he says,

Centro BG

You know, watching a video where it's said that most of the things you do kind of make you a bad person feels like you killed someone and they just told you about clues you left that you didn't knew about.
I mean, I've been doing a lot of the things said in this video and I think that now I have it as a part of my personality.
I was in one circle of friends around the age of 13 and with the time most of the people started to act somewhat more aggressive to each other. Not everyone but most of them. We started having a lot of fights about stupid drama and lies that you didn't even knew who said.
So I decided to collect information and expose all the bad apples as people say. I was asking a lot of things especially in more sad situations where people act sad and would like to share their thoughts. I acted kind and didn't joke around with physical of psychological pain so I'm not too annoying and I can collect info. (well, only to those "bad apples" and it was only psychological just because I don't think physical pain hurts enough)
Year and a half passed and...almost all of them were bad apples...
I was really disappointed that most of my friends were such kind of people and I realized that this circle of friends was so toxic that I couldn't even understand how it stayed like that around 4 years.
All I did was a waste of time and it made me feel like there is no more hope for them so I stayed one summer without them.
Guess what, that circle of friends collapsed (a couple of times) while I wasn't around. Not like I did something to keep them together while I was there. It's just that they destroyed everything with drugs and alcohol in the meantime.
Only some people staid. One of the bad apples and some people that just didn't have any other friends.
I found a new circle of friends, they knew what to do and who are the bad apples.
They exposed people who deserve it and kept the bad apples that don't do any harm with their action just to keep the circle with around at least 5/6 people.
I felt safe and like at my own place. It was good.
After that I found the girl of my dreams. She was 3 years younger than me. I'm not gonna go into detail about our relationship but let's say that we had some problems and we broke up once and I was in actual depression an entire month. We got back together and I made the decision to make everything so we can stay together. Yes, I did lie to her and I mean a lot of times but didn't tell a single lie that could make our relationship go down. We had a lot of problems, she was the one to start accusing the other of guilt but to be honest I did it too when she did. I had a problem when she was hitting me and all. I mean sure I'm a "man" and she doesn't do any harm that could kill me or make me disabled but every time I start talking with her about it she tells me something like "I don't do much but if YOU hit me you can kill me". Well nice, I know that. I know that if I hit her I might even kill her. I know that physically I'm much stronger and that I can take even a ton of hits from her but because I stand the pain doesn't mean I don't feel it. Not just the physical pain, the pain from thinking that a person that I love that much would want to hurt me.

Anyway, that was a lot of our own problems.
So, she doesn't really know what people are bad and what people are good.
For example she had (please try to understand this part) a friend (a best friend to be specific) that had and "imaginary cousin and an imaginary best friend of her cousin that's her crush"...
Ok, I didn't had any problem with a girl that lies that she has a really cool cousin that does all the cool shit you see in movies and that she has a "crush" (that doesn't exist) and both of them are really strong with muscles and abs and bla bla bla but the problem started when she was saying that her cousin (yes the one in her head) likes my girl. Ok, nothing to be jealous of (I mean literally) but then she started pretending that MY GIRL LIKES HIM. Don't get me wrong, my girlfriend knows that those two characters don't exist but her "BFF" started creating drama around them with all that fake love shit from movies that she had watched and bla bla then started sending cropped images (like the face is missing) of NAKED MAN MODELS TO MY GIRLFRIEND and yeah...I got pissed...
So, I collected all those photos, reverse searched them until I found the original images and made sure all of her friends know about all that sh!t before I striked. I waited for my girl in front of her school, got her phone and texted her "BFF- uwu" from her phone TROUGHT THE FAKE ACCOUNT IN SNAPCHAT THAT SHE MADE FOR HER "COUSIN" and I told her about all that shit she did.
Now she's quiet, she doesn't bother my girlfriend with her "cousin" (well, kind of because she still pretends that those characters exist because she doesn't have any real friends) and stopped showing models to my girl saying "that's my cousin and that's my crush" and bla bla.

I guess that's all I wanted to write as a comment so I can you know turn the valve a little and tell some people about some of my problems.
I don't know if I'm "Dark Empath" as you say but I think that the video was pretty interesting and I want to say that I looove this channel.
Keep up with the good work and continue making good content. There aren't many good channels left here in YT that are actually interesting.
Bye! ^-^

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Have you ever heard of Dark Empath? We hope to bring some insight on this topic. If you want to learn more about the dark triad, we have a video on that too:

cristi g are a dark empath ! You are guilty of malicious humour . 🤭

Existential Dread

Before this video I hadn't

Рахил Пеличев

Yes. The father of my children.

Igor ;

hi, i dont want to sound like the self diagnosed tiktokers but i have always had a feeling that i was a "bad person in disguise" i feel very little to no empathy for my friends,i dont manipulate them into doing things for my profit but i feel that i know exactly what too say too stay incognito, i have to fake emotions on a daily basis, or i would be deemed "weird" for example i have to fake being sad when my friend's parent died when in reality i feel like it has no reason to affect me, i knew them, i talked to them, they fed me. But i honestly dont care. With that in mind could anyone tell me if they feel the same? because i wont be explaining that to one of my friends any time soon.

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Sidney Soup

" 5 Signs of a Dark Empath"

Me, an empathic African American: nervous sweating



ella m






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