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종현 Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by 종현:

Crazy Oh 눈이 멀어 버린 듯한 기분이야 oh, my 나 망가질게 뻔해…
Dress Up Woo, woo, yeah How are you gonna dress up tonight? Ah 말해…
Inspiration Oh yeah, oh yeah Be quiet, I'm so dizzy I'm so dizzy…
Love Belt Tight it, uh Woo, no, babe I need love belt 내 어깨부터 허릴…
Moon Oh 안 돼 oh baby 더 깊이 잠들어 줘 아직 안 돼…
NEON Hey (hey) you're my (my) you're my neon oh, oh,…
RED On the rock 좀 더 차갑게 해 줘 너의 잔에 가득히 채워진…
Rewind Uh rewind (rewind) rewind (rewind) Uh rewind 뭘 하든 간에 시간은…
So Goodbye So goodbye Don't cry and smile 가슴 시리던 시간들 모두다 보내줄거야 So goodb…
Suit Up One two 시선을 좀 위로 넥타이 졸리네 이것 좀 풀어 줘 (uh) 나…
데자-부 (네) 눈칠 살피고 (a-ha) 옆으로 붙어 넌 날 밀어내 (one, two,…
시간이 늦었어 Na, na, na, na, na Base, hey, whoa, alright, listen…
우주가 있어 Uh you're my, you're my space wow (반짝) 빛나는 두 눈이 (Oh…
일인극 넌 날 이해할 수 없겠지 당연해 향기 가득한 색색의 화려한…
좋아 Oh she is 자그마한 눈 너의 눈빛이 좋아 Oh she is…
하루의 끝 손을 뻗어줘 내 목을 감싸줘 좀 더 아래 내 어깰 주물러…
할렐루야 Woo 세상에 이럴 수가 (이럴 수가) Woo 너무 아름답잖아 (이럴…

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Shreya M

Happy birthday our angel!!!
SHINee and Shawols love you💖💖
I just saw a star twinkling and shining so so bright.. is that you??🤭 Is that you smiling happily at us??
I hope you're happy.. free from everything that troubled you🤗🤗
You're songs and blue night give so much comfort and heal hearts of people all around the world..
Thank you for doing so much.. thank you for fighting till the end... thank you for working so hard... thank you for giving us memories to cherish💝
We love you and always will, don't forget that💗💗💗
and keep looking at us from where you are😉😉


Günaydın meleğim
Nasılsın iyi misin
Bu şarkı içimi fazlasıyla rahatlatıyor
Sesin gerçekten huzur verici
Dinlerken gözyaşlarım akıyor
Ama merak etme
Orada mutlu musun
Lütfen mutlu ol hasta olma üzgün olma
İstediğin her şeyi yap
Sen gerçekten çok iyi bir insansın
Senin için bir şey yapamadık özür dilerim
Lütfen huzur içinde kal
Seni çok seviyorum meleğim iyi uykular 💜👫

Yareidy Isabella

🇹 🇪  🇦 🇲 🇦 🇲 🇴 🇸 
🇹 🇦 🇳 🇹 🇴 
🇬 🇷 🇦 🇨 🇮 🇦 🇸 
🇵 🇴 🇷  🇹 🇴 🇩 🇴  </3


Hi Jonghyun,
I never met you, because I joined the fandom three years too late (in 2021).
I cried as I watched footage of the members saying their goodbyes at your funeral.

I just want you to know the hyungs have finished their enlistment, and SHINee is reunited once more.
They had a comeback this month (March 2021), with Don't Call Me, and scored four wins.
It was a new sound for SHINee, but the members weren't content to go back to the familiar.
They wanted to take risks, and grow as artists.
I think you would be proud.

The members are doing great, but they really miss you.
Onew sent an "I love you" your way during an interview, Key talked about you before their encore stage, and Minho remembered you fondly to a little girl who was reacting to SHINee's career highlights on the ODG channel.

And Taemin, is well, being Taemin.
He did so well when the hyungs were enlisted.
His solo work was how I found out about SHINee.

Taemin is a hyung himself now, in a group called Super M.
He looks after his dongsaengs really well.
He looks out for them, makes sure they are eating properly, and gives them dance lessons.
I like to think he learned how to do that, because all the hyungs cared for him so tenderly, when he was growing up.
He's still a crackhead though, and talks about eating ants, and (black) crayons.

I want you to know that although I never knew you, I am seeing you through the eyes of SHINee, SM family members, and Shawols.

You won't ever be lonely.
You worked hard.
You did well.
You are so loved, and this will always be your legacy.


@Insider It hurts that no one could shield Jonghyun, nor save him, from his inner demons.

Shawols tried to tell him, every chance they got, that he was
loved, valued, and cherished.
But, sadly, it wasn't enough.

As a Babywol, I am still struggling to understand what happened.
We will never truly know.

But we can continue to love and support SHINee, and honour Jjong's legacy, as a person and an artist.

All comments from YouTube:

Lexie Marie

Hi Jonghyun, we’re all back here on your birthday!! I haven’t listened to this song since December because it just makes me too sad, but I thought I’d come back today to wish you a happy birthday and to tell you that I love you, we all love you so so much and know that you’re happy now, I hope that wherever you are you’re still smiling so brightly and that you never have to feel the pain you felt on earth ever again. We love you our angel, rip and happy birthday my love, thank you for everything💞🎉✨


This is duch a heartwarming comment.

Shyn Joanneprima

그리고 다시 슬픔을 느낍니다

amarie ww

its his birthday today!!

Ren 𝄞♪

Happy birthday Jonghyun 💎💗


I'm back this year too and I'll come back the year after and the year after and I'll keep coming back

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Phan Anh Kiệt

My sister is a big fan of JONGHYUN but she passed away 1 year ago, i hope she can see JONGHYUN in paradise... Rest In Peace SISTER Anh Thư and JONGHYUN

Moham med

فلترقد بسلام 💔 ابقي قويه

Anumithra Muthu

Everything will be ok stay strong she is always be with u

Sakila Maharani

Hopefully she can hug him tightly

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