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by America

Living on the riverside taking it all in my stride
Living on the riverside, I'm taking life like a big long ride
You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine
You take what you want and I'll take the sunshine

Dit dit dit dit do ...
Ah... ah...

I said the world don't owe me no living
I said the world don't owe me no living
I said the world don't owe me no living
I said the world don't owe me no living

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Curt Lister

One of the most underrated bands ever. And great guy's too. I had got in a real bad car accident in 1974 @ age 16. My uncle was head of security at a venue and would take me to every show that came through town and I'd hang backstage with a "just keep out of the way" instruct. Well I had a full body plaster cast from the back of my head, under my chin, down to my peepee for over 6 months and looked like hell. Even standing in the shadows it drew attention from some big names, Jimmy Page, Greg Lake, Ian Anderson, Steve Howe, etc. & these guys. They B.S'd with me for awhile even asked if I wanted to get stoned 😂 I passed. I'd been a jock and my uncle was a bigtime Mormon. (I should've 😁) but these guys were genuinely nice and interested in what happened. Last year my uncle passed away in his sleep unexpectedly & I learned at the funeral he only worked those nights for me. Probably 125-150 over the years. (He was in a barbershop quartet! duh) But of the 3 times I saw them the show opened with this song. Brought tears to my eyes. (RIP uncle Craige)😥 Sorry about the length. It got away from me. It left the worst time in my life with some great memories. He took me to my 1st concert Steppenwolf/Iron Butterfly. I was hooked, @ probably 8?

Curt Lister

@Claudia Steele...Wow very thoughtful of you. I sustained a spinal cord injury and was told I may never walk again. I walked out 3 months later. I had 5 back operations from 1974-81 and have nerve damage in my calves and feet, but I was able to finish school and work for 38 years. So in a very real sense your prayers have been answered. It came so close to being much worse. I'll take chronic pain over a wheelchair all day. To look at me you'd never know. I just made a bad decision and wound up in the wrong car. The driver got a scrape on his shoulder. It's what usually happens.
Thanks again. It made my day 😉

Claudia Steele

I pray you are healed, mentally, physically and emotionally from such a tragedy. Thanks for sharing part of your life. America is a great band; then, now and ongoing. Blessings!

Curt Lister

True enough but why aren't they ever mentioned for the R&R Hall of Fame. But when your up against greatness like Blondie? it's tough to get in.

Matthew Taylor

Underrated well they only sold a few million

Curt Lister

That's so sweet..Thank you, he was a great guy.
Take care.

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letsgo oakland

Well, we bought this album back in the day because of the song Horse with No Name. Open the album. Put it on the turntable. America's first album. Song 1. Side 1. Just fricken wow!!! As good an opening song album 1 as there is.

Ted Freddy

@74bshs I do! I need to throw them on the turntable every now and then. They say nothing can replace the sound of an album and whoever said that I think they right!


@Ted Freddy I hope you still have all these albums. I have all of mine! :)

Philippe Ariane Bega

Same here, back in the early 70's.....don't find music like this any more

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