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Icicle Tusk
Fleet Foxes Lyrics

I'll shoot you dead
For the father
Of the coal miner's daughter
Beneath the icicle tusk
You and me among the flattering dusk

In my haste I draw my weapon
Designing your final lesson
As you recede to the floor
All is silent but the fluttering door

Twenty-five grand on the table
Of the high wall street stable
I'm not responsible for
The reputation of the
Neighborhood whore

But I'm a keyhole peeker
And you're my surveilance keeper
And though my memory rusts
I will always see the icicle tusk

And I must admit
That it gets lonesome on my shelf
This much I can tell
This much I can tell

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Comments from YouTube:


I asked you guys to play this back when you pretended you never wrote this EP glad you guys putting this out there for people who’ve never heard it.


Hey man you read it wrong lol, nothing like that I met robin pecknold at one of there gigs and mentioned this EP and he looked shocked we even knew about it it was right after Helplessness blues released. I asked him to play this or crayon angels, he signed our tickets And we watched the gig he played neither but what a show.

Jon Garcia

I love this song so much. This track and "So Long to the Headstrong" are a part of my everyday sing along playlist. I appreciate this EP so fucking much. Thanks-a-million.

shannon lyons murphy

I love that song too! And "She Got Dressed" Their first couple of songs had some real gems. Glad they're seeing the light of day again.


fleet foxes really are sustaining us in the year 2018


@sugarcone if only I could go back and warn myself

Head Games

@sugarcone Lol YOU have NO idea, now in 2023


Lol you have NO idea

Madison C

And now 2020, oh how things have changed since 2018...

Charlotte Freebairn

The first three seconds reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox :") This song is painfully magical it makes me swoon.

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