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Can't We Be Friends
Frank Sinatra Lyrics

I took each word she said as gospel truth
The way a silly little child would
I can't excuse it on the grounds of youth
I was no babe in the wild, wild wood
She didn't mean it
I should have seen it
But now it's too late

I thought I'd found the girl of my dreams
Now it seems
This is how the story ends
She's gonna turn me down and say
"Can't we be friends?"
I thought for once it couldn't go wrong
Not for long
I can see the way this ends
She's gonna turn me down and say
"Can't we be friends?"
Why should I care though she gave me the air
Why should I cry
Heave a sigh
And wonder why
And wonder why

I thought I found the gal I could trust
What a bust, this is how the story ends
She's gonna turn me down and say
"Can't we be just friends?"

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Kay Swift, Paul James

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Comments from YouTube:


A perfect song for how I feel at the moment...

random guy

ツ鉛Struggle r we've all been there..

Mauricio Durón

Ultimate Sinatra. I knew it at age 11, as my uncle played this album, brand new, for the first time.

m a cummings

The way he caresses and holds the phrases...
So brilliant.

Rick Lopez

The first vocal phrase, hard edged vocal, a glissando, just perfect

Paul Letchworth

The greatest !!!! Wish I had gone to his concert , American treasure , what a man what a life !!!!!

Ruth Genne

kills me every time

Scott Jones

Standout track from the album "In The Wee Small Hours", 1955
Album 1 of 1001 Albums You Must Hear
This album is quite famous in music history, but it has aged badly. Most of it is just barely tolerable, as the sappy strings production ruins any appeal these songs might have had for me - with one notable exception: "Can't We Be Friends?" I did like this one, it's a great tune with no strings, and really interesting lyrically too. I thought it sounded like a Cole Porter song at first. I didn't care for the others, and wouldn't want to hear them again unless I needed something to help me fall asleep; the harp playing seems well suited to a lullaby.
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